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Questions for Children Classes

18/02/202023:26(Xem: 4617)
Questions for Children Classes

Questions for Kids Class

When was the Buddha born?

How was happiness made?

Why did he get named Buddha?

What does the ‘elephant’ represent?

Are you able to be Buddhist even if you eat meat?

When did the first legend of Buddha occur?

How old was his son after Buddha came back?

Did Buddha ever see his family again?

What was Buddha’s child count?

How many monks and nuns ae there in total?

How did Buddha teach his son about untruthfulness?

What does the Buddhist flag represent?

How tall was Buddha?

How big were Buddha’s feet?

Do you believe in life after death?

What are we going to do at the water challenge?

Many people say climate change is real, when it is obviously fate. Any thoughts?

Why did my mum leave my dad?

Should euthanasia be legal?

How many cabinets do they have?

Who thought of this five day retreat?

How did Buddha know how to meditate?

Who did Buddha first teach his teachings too?

How many Buddhas have there been?

Did Buddha eat during his meditation period?

Why was Prince Siddhartha called Buddha when he was 35?

What was your biggest obstacle to become a monk?

How old is Buddha?

 Why, out of all trees, did he choose the Bodhi tree?

Since it is highly hypothesised that the universe will cease to exist due to problems arising with its expanding properties, does Buddhism’s theory of reincarnation exist after the universe’s death?

As Buddhists do we believe in having a soul and if so how do we take care of it?

When did you decide to become a monk and why?

Do you find celibacy difficult? How do you overcome it?

If you can, what do you want to become in your next life? Why? If not human, is it because what you want to become is happier than human?

Why is Buddha’s hair curly?

Why do some people choose to suffer instead of being happy?

When the Buddha died at the age of 80, did it resemble anything?

Was Buddha’s father/family dead when he was on his journey?

Is it still wrong to do a wrong thing with good intentions?

Does Buddha stan BTS if not does he stan loona? Why or why not?

Is it okay to be gay?

How many temples came to the retreat?

Do you like cats or dogs?

Did the prince have big feet?

If a gay person comes to temple and asks for help, would you help them?

Sư thây/cô thể kể một câu chuyện hay không? Về cuôc đới của một vị phật nào đò?

$1000 Chùa Pháp Hoa trả TT Tâm Phương Cúng qúi thầy bị tai nạn taị UN.

Kíng thưa qúy thầy. Con có một điều thắi mắi. Khi đdi vế sing có người bảo đễ áo tráng bên ngoài và có người bảo mặi cũng không sao. Con không biết thế máo là được. Thíng Mong Qúy Thấy Hoan Hỏi giải thích cho con.


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