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Letter from the ASA re the Bushfires (BomHyon Sunim, Australian Sangha Association Chairperson)

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Letter from the ASA re the Bushfires (BomHyon Sunim, Australian Sangha Association Chairperson)

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letterhead-Australian Sangha AssociationAustralian Sangha Association

6th January, 2020


Happy New Year to all! 

Blessings of the Triple Gem ... TheruwanSaranai ...


May 2020 be a year of strong practice in supporting a greater kindness and care for each other.


So many Australians are suffering right now from the devastation of these extraordinary fires which have taken the lives of humans and many other beings who call this vast continent "home". Many are left homeless and destitute - and so much of this beautiful land has been stripped bare in the path of the fires. None of us are untouched by the loss of life and habitat and the collective suffering and grief of our nation.


While we know of some of our members who have already been affected by the fires, if you too have been affected, we welcome your communication with us, and will make every effort to link you up with members across Australia so that, together we can offer kindness and care for each other.


I believe that in times such as this, it is a great gift we offer in coming together to share the merits of our practice in a spirit of generosity and loving kindness. When we consciously connect with our many communities north and south, east and west across this vast continent, the spirit of this land also hears us and is touched by the Buddha’s Great Compassion that radiates outwards from our collective practice. Some are offering immediate relief such as food, shelter, transport, and this is good. But the power of right practice is ours to offer as ‘food’ to strengthen the mind and calm the heart.


Please tell us if you know of other Sangha and communities that have been affected and let us know if we can be of help in any way.


We are aware that Wat Buddha Dharma was affected in the early December fires. The monks were safely evacuated to Santi Forest Monastery in Bundanoon. There was some damage to buildings and part of the forest was burnt, but thankfully, the sala was not damaged. The monks have since returned to the Wat to begin repairs.


Early last week, Santi Forest Monastery nuns were evacuated, and they are now safe at Therimettarama Nuns Residence in Sydney. I believe there has been some damage to forest over the weekend, but so far, buildings are intact. Still, we must be vigilant as summer is young.


With severe drought and high wind conditions, the bushfire risk period may yet extend into many months, and so it is very important that we keep in touch and help each other where we can.


Stay safe and well and take good care of each other.



Much Metta,

BomHyon Sunim

 ASA Chairperson





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