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The Thien An retreat will help me embrace on my journey

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The Thien An retreat will help me embrace on my journey

The Thien An retreat

will help me embrace on my journey

An Cu Kiet Dong or Winter retreat is a good time to be learning about the Buddha and his teachings because during this time I am in an environment where have I to think about my actions towards the Senior Venerable, Venerable and the lay devotees. Everyone has high hopes on me in my path of Buddhism and this retreat will help me embrace on my journey.

There will definitely be difficulties on my journey I am sure of it even if you a follower or a young monk just beginning your long journey, there will be lots of people there that will be able to help you get past those difficult times because they been through those situations more than once so they can help me and/ or give me advice on how to deal with the situation other situations that I might face on my long journey.

During the ten days at this retreat I have learnt the way to act around my dharma brothers and there expectations toward me and I believe this whole retreat would help everyone.  From day one the to day ten there is nothing but learning and teaching happening everywhere for kids to adults that attend.This retreat is not any ordinary retreat, this retreat will help you learn how to get rid of your anger and bad thoughts that roam your mind and other peoples minds so no one is ever alone with those thoughts.

I have made friends with two chu Sa Di both from different temples and I have had a very fun time with these two monks. I have also made many friends with some followers that are also attending the retreat as well as guest. This retreat is not only a great way to learn lots about buddhism, but it is also a great way to socialise and make lots of new friends like I did with people that I am surrounded by everyday during this retreat.

I would love to thank everyone who is apart of organisation group for this retreat from the ladies in the kitchen to the photographers who show the day to activities done here and put it live so people watching internationally and locally can know what is done during this time and so they can follow the footstep even if they are at home, they know what activities is done here so they can complete it at home themselves undisturbed by anyone.

If people watch internationally they can attend the An Cu Kiet Ha that is occurring in there country at the time because nearly every country in the world does the ten days and if people are watching internationally they can hop on line to check if the An cu in there country is near them if not then they can practice themselves or with there families at home so the could be lead onto the path to true happiness and enlightenment.

The environment that this retreat puts you in is a new feeling, the feeling of calmness and kindness around you and I love this environment that you get put in because it helps you forget all your problems that you are having no more stress which is what the buddha teaches and what everyone is trying to teach you. It is impossible to become stress free by yourself. It may sound simple but it is not easy and you will need support no matter who you are, Monk or follower so you would love this retreat and I cant wait for any other upcoming retreats in the future and I hope those future retreats would help me and other people on the path to enlightenment.

Chu Dieu Chuc Sieu

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