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Preface/ Translator’s Notes

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Preface/ Translator’s Notes
Preface by Most Venerable Thich Nhu Hue

The aim of Buddhist doctrine merely point out two fields: suffering and the ending of the suffering. The path leading to the ending of suffering to attain the enlightenment, the practitioner must enter the door “ three ways of learning” that is called: hearing, thinking and practicing”, if the practitioner apply extremely this way, they will get the target perfection in the process to come back of the spiritual homeland. Hearing, means listening the lecture, reading books, discussing with friends to understand exactly and deeply about the Buddha’s teaching. Thinking means consider deeply about what you have heard, entering the teaching by your mind, not by your mouth and ear. If you think of it you can penetrate that the benefit of that teaching than like treatment, to get high position. Practicing: apply that teachings into your daily life after you have chosen them carefully which are suitable with you. In fact, due to wrong seeing, sow the wrong seeds, reap the bad fruit. That means if you create the evil causes, the unhappy effects will come back to you. People have learned, thinking and practicing which will help them to change their attitudes, to untie the wrong concept, and then they replace the right view, peace, happiness and enlightenment.

“ The Collected Works Of Venerable Master Chin Kung” is a book contains many good volumes like: Buddhism as an Education, to understand Buddhism, the Immutability of Cause and Effect...” this book will help you to increase your knowledge, faith and optimistic on the way leading to the enlightenment.

Venerable Master Chin Kung, the preacher of all lectures of this book, at moment, he is a famous Buddhist Monk in the world which he has brought Buddhism to the west. His Teachings is practical and close with Buddhist followers.

Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang is a translator, and also a deputy-Secretary of Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation in Australia and New Zealand, although he is busy with the tasks of his own monastery and congregation, he however still spend much time to researches and translates the Buddhist doctrines to share with others.

I have a few words to praise the virtue and merit of Venerable Master Chin Kung and Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang and I am happy to introduce this book to all readers.

Adelaide, The Winter Retreat, May 2004
Rector, Most Venerable Thich Nhu Hue
Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation in Australia and New Zealand


Translator’s Notes

‘The gift of truth excels all others gift’ so goes the proverb of the Buddhist Patriarchs. This good advice is for their followers to guide them on the Buddhist path in as they perform their vows that lead to the spiritual source. Offering the Truth, means simply sharing and kindly pointing out to others the way of recognising the Truth of the Lord Buddha- so they too may aim to return to the shore. It reminds us to avoid wrong actions and avoid the contribution of misery and suffering to others sentinent beings as well as our own. Once people learn the fundamentals of Buddhism, their life may be changed for the better. They may become more aware and mindful in life, and likely, they will step on the path leading to liberation and enlightenment.

Venerable Master Chin Kung said that offering Truth seems to be simple, but it is not exactly that easy. Venerable Master Chin Kung has therefore provided his profound efforts in the establishments the "Amitabha Publication Association" in Taiwan to publish and distribute freely Sutras and books on Buddhism to all Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike across the globe. He prints Buddhist Sutra in Chinese, and languages such as in English, French and Vietnamese. All this effort is to enable all people to feel comfortable within their own cultural languages, settings and at ease in being able to read and realize the Buddhist Truth and ultimately discover the end of suffering.

According to Venerable Master Chin Kung, a Buddhist Sutra should be printed with goodness and be beautiful in both content and presentation. It needs to be attractive to readers of today. He has had wonderful success in the application of this strategy in spreading Dharma texts to millions of reader word wide over the last two decades.

During mid 2003 for instance, Quang Duc Monastery here in Australia (the monastery in which I live) received some 300 boxes of Buddhist books from his Publication House in Taiwan! What a treasure trove were in those boxes. I was astounded with the quality and interesting texts such as the Chien-Long Buddhist Tipitaka, which contains Sutras, Law and Commentaries. Thanks to this, I picked out one book with the title “The Collected Works of Venerable Master Chin Kung” and started to translate this book into Vietnamese.

Therefore, from translating and publishing this book, I sincerely want to dedicate it to Venerable Master Chin Kung particularly on the occasion of his visit to our Quang Duc Monastery to give a Dharma talk on the third week of October 2004.

The Quang Duc Monastery Abbot, the Very Venerable Thich Tam Phuong, myself and special local Buddhist followers conveyed our best regards and appreciation regarding his assistance and extended our warmest welcome to this great Master upon his arrival here in Melbourne in 2004 and for his effort in providing access for so many to Pure Land Buddhism.

This book is a great combination of the efforts of many contributors towards completion, I am most grateful to the labor of those who made it all possible. I wish to convey my utter most sincere thanks to Most Venerable Thich Nhu Hue; The Rector of Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation in Australia and New Zealand- who wrote the Preface for this book. My deepest gratitude to The Very Venerable Thich Tam Phuong, who motivates and energizes me throughout my career. Last but not least, to so many respected Buddhist members such as Venerable Thich Pho Huan (Australia), Venerable Nun Thich Nu Nhat Nhan (USA), Venerable Nun Thich Nu Nhu Nguyet (Taiwan), Chris Dunk, Gia Khanh, Thien Khanh, Cao Than, Nguyen Nhat Minh, Quang Nhu, Nhi Tuong, Hai Hanh, Tam Kien Chanh, Phu Duc, Tan Nhut, Thanh Phi, Thanh Tam and Tam Lac.

Those in which have greatly assisted me towards the final draft of this publication. I also am indebted to Tue Duyen who read and recorded this book onto cassette and CD Rom to provide text to those with sight problems, the disabled and aged or for those with no time to read enabling them to listen to the text. Finally, I would like to thank all disciples who made donations enabling me to publish this book and provide it to all as a free distribution.

May this booklet help readers and listeners to develop their faith in practicing the recitation the Buddha’s name, realise their Bodhi-Mind (Bodhicitta - Aspiration for Enlightenment) and overall make efforts in practicing Buddhism in order to attain liberation and ultimately become free from suffering.

May Pure Land Buddhism widely propagate throughout this world and bring benefits to all Sentient Beings.

Nam Mo Amitabha

Ven. Thích Nguyen Tạng
Summer Retreat, Buddhist Era: 2548 (2004)

Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery.

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