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Hình ảnh trận hỏa hoạn

30/05/201316:18(Xem: 1315)
Hình ảnh trận hỏa hoạn

Hình ảnh

trận đại hỏa hoạn kinh hoàng tại Victoria

Fires rage as death toll rises to 173
Victoria Police on Tuesday confirmed that 173 people have perished in the bushfires across the state.
The toll has risen by seven since 2am (AEDT) on Tuesday with three more bodies found at the wiped-out town of Marysville, taking the toll there to 15,
and four more bodies at Strathewen where the toll there is now 30.
Firefighters will again have their hands full as southerly winds pick up in central, northeast and eastern Victoria with little rain in sight as 24 fires continue to rage.
Residents of the previously safe Healesville, where survivors have gathered for refuge, have been warned to be vigilant for fire embers.
The town is surrounded by devastation with huge plumes of smoke billowing from the nearby hills.

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