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His Holiness Dalai Lama visit Australia in 2015

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His Holiness Dalai Lama visit Australia in 2015

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Often referred to as an Ocean of Wisdom, His Holiness the 14thDalai Lama of Tibet is the manifestation of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Avalokitesvara.

He is an Ocean of Wisdom and we are so very fortunate that he has once again made the commitment to travel all the way to Australia and share his inexhaustible compassion and wisdom with us.

As His Holiness will be 80 on the 6thJuly 2015, the Ocean of Wisdomvisit will see His Holiness visit only three cities in this great land of Australia – Sydney, Brisbane & Perth- lessening the impact on him and the program of events he is offering.

His Holiness will also have a private visit to Uluru in central Australia.

His Holiness will give a special one day Teaching – An Open View of the Buddhist Path for the broader Buddhist community, to be held in Brisbane. And because of the genuine interest in the Buddhist Teachings shown during previous visits, His Holiness has also offered to give a Highest Yoga Tantra Initiation and Teaching for serious Buddhist practitioners. This will be held in the Blue Mountains.

His Holiness will also offer Public Talks in the Blue Mountains, Brisbane & Perth and speak at the Happiness & it’s Causes Conference once again. His visit to Brisbane will see him participate in a special Multi Faith Event and the Australian Tibetan Community will also offer a very special Long Life Ceremony for his 80thbirthday at the conclusion of the Retreat Teaching and Initiation in the Blue Mountains.

Volunteer Opportunities

The other way to support the Ocean of Wisdom visit is to become a volunteer.

As in previous visits by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Australia, our volunteers will play an integral role in the success of this visit. Your support before & during the 2015 visit is greatly appreciated.

Being involved in an event that has the capacity to change your life and the many who attend, is a wonderful offering.

There is always the need for the help of a number of volunteers during His Holiness’s visits. If you have time and talents you can offer us in organizing such beneficial events, please register your interest through our contact form below - we will be in touch with you soon.

There are two time-frames when we need assistance:

Long-term volunteers:?Volunteers who wish to join our team starting October 2014 or earlier if available, in order to assist with preparations in the lead up to the visit in June 2015. The skills we need in our team in the lead up to the visit include computer efficiency (MS Outlook, Word, Excel), fluency in Tibetan, preferably some experience in office environment, good communication skills, etc.??Tasks would include checking and distributing e-mails, correspondence, answering the office phone, assistance with online registration, managing data and dispatching tickets.

Short-term volunteers:?Volunteers who would join the team during the visit in order to assist at the events. You will need to be able to stay in the respective city where the event is being held and attend volunteer training prior to the visit. The skills we need for those wishing to assist at the events include but are not limited to assistance with entry of attendees, ushering, assistance with staging requirements, Sangha & VIP care, BOH monitors and information desk officer.

Some of the benefits of volunteering this visit will include an official visit T-Shirt, a light meal daily & the joy of being a member of Team DLIA.

All volunteers will receive training from DLIA prior to the visit and they must also attend an induction training session at the venue where they will be working. These inductions will usually take place the evening prior to the commencement of the event, or the morning of the event. It is a mandatory requirement that you attend.

(Please note: If you are volunteering for the Retreat, it will not be an automatic entry to the Initiation & Teaching unless you have submitted a Request to Attend and have paid the Retreat fee.
Also there will be limited seating available at the 1 day Teaching in Brisbane and Public Talks for Volunteers, so please do not assume that because you are volunteering that you will automatically gain entry to the events).

We will be calling for volunteers once we are closer to the visit.

We are looking forward to working with you to make His Holiness’s 2015 visit a success for all concerned and once again, thank you for your interest and willingness to assist.

Volunteer FAQs

1. I've bought a ticket and will be attending one of the events, can I still help before or after the event?
With pleasure. Fill in the Volunteer Form and we will contact you.

2. What is the minimum age required to be a volunteer?
You must be 18 years of age or over before the commencement of the visit on the 1st June 2015.

3. Do I require any specific skills or experience to become a volunteer?
No, we only require enthusiasm, goodwill and courtesy. However, certain skills may be useful in particular roles, so therefore be sure to mention them when filling out the volunteer form.

4. Will volunteers be required to attend pre event training?
Yes, as per previous years, Dalai Lama in Australia will provide training for all volunteers before each event. These training sessions will be held in each city His Holiness is visiting, and it will be a requirement for all volunteers to attend at least the final venue training, usually held either the day before or on the day of the event.

5. Do volunteers receive free meals and drinks?
Dalai Lama in Australia will provide each volunteer at the Retreat, Teaching & Public Talks with refreshments and a light meal daily.
Food and drinks will be available for sale at the venues or you may bring your own, but please note that it is highly unlikely that there will be refrigeration or heating facilities in the volunteer rooms.
If you are assisting in the office in the lead up to the visit, tea & coffee will be available but we would ask that you bring your own lunch or something to share with others if work is required after hours.

6. Will I get to be in the room where His Holiness will speak?
It depends on the role you undertake for us and availability of space at each event. During the Retreat, unless you are an attendee, you will not be permitted in the room during the event/s.

7. Will applicants be contacted and asked to volunteer?
Yes in most cases, but depending on the number of applicants, we can't guarantee a role for everyone. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you in March 2015.

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Support the visit

You can play a significant role in this wonderful visit by becoming an official supporter. If you wish to discuss the various options available, please contact Lynn Bain on lynn@dalailamainaustralia.org.

Read more: http://www.dalailamainaustralia.org

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