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Moreland Council service announcements in relation to COVID-19

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Moreland Council service announcements in relation to COVID-19



Message from Moreland City Council

From Thursday 9 July 2020, Melbourne is returning to Stay at Home restrictions.  This includes all of Moreland.

To stop the spread of coronavirus, you must stay at home.  Wash your hands.  Maintain 1.5 metres social distancing.  Get tested.

There are only 4 reasons why you can leave your home:

  1. Work or school
  2. Receive care or look after someone else
  3. Daily exercise
  4. Buy food or other essential items.

If you are outside your home for any other reason, Police may give you a fine.

It is more important than ever to get tested if you have coronavirus symptoms.  These include fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, runny nose, or loss of smell or taste.

We know this is a difficult time.  Support is available for you and your families.  Moreland Council’s website lists services that may be able to help you.  Such as food relief services, accommodation, legal advice and managing bills.

To learn more about Moreland Services in your language visit moreland.vic.gov.au/covid19 or call 9280 1915

Keep up to date in your language at coronavirus.vic.gov.au/vietnamese

We all have a role to play in keeping ourselves, our families and the community safe during these challenging times.  Let’s keep supporting each other.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not over yet.  We need to keep looking after ourselves and our community to stop the virus spreading. 

Due to increased cases in Victoria, some restrictions have changed.  From 22 June 2020: 


  • ·         You cannot have more than five visitors in your home
  • ·         You cannot gather outdoors with more than 10 people
  • ·         Schools, libraries, places of worship and businesses remain open
  • ·         Stay close to home and do not travel if possible


If you live in Brunswick West and Fawkner, you should get tested even if you do NOT have any symptoms. This is because these suburbs have been identified as higher risk. Testing is free and you should stay home until you get your results.


Wash your hands.  Maintain 1.5 metres social distancing.  Get tested. 


Stay up to date in your language at coronavirus.vic.gov.au/translations  


Learn about the situation in Moreland at www.moreland.vic.gov.au/covid19   



Vì nguy cơ số lượng người nhiễm bị coronavirus (COVID-19) tăng lên, từ thứ Ba ngày 2 tháng 7 năm 2020, các khu vực dân cư thuộc địa phận thành phố Moreland dưới đây phải tuân thủ lệnh hạn chế Giai đoạn 3 Ở Nhà:

  • ·         Glenroy, Hadfield, Oak Park (mã bưu điện: 3046)
  • ·         Brunswick West (mã bưu điện: 3055)
  • ·         Fawkner (mã bưu điện: 3060)

Quý vị nên đi xét nghiệm coronavirus nếu cư ngụ tại những khu vực dân cư này, ngay cả khi không có triệu chứng bệnh. Hiện giờ tại Gillon Oval ở Brunswick có địa điểm xét nghiệm mới và tại Thư viện Glenroy có một địa điểm xét nghiệm mới nữa.

Nếu cư ngụ tại một trong những khu vực dân cư này, quý vị chỉ có thể rời khỏi nhà khi có 4 lý do dưới đây:

  1. Đi làm hoặc đi học
  2. Được chăm sóc hoặc chăm sóc người khác
  3. Tập thể dục hàng ngày
  4. Mua thức ăn hoặc các mặt hàng thiết yếu khác

Nếu ra khỏi nhà vì bất kỳ lý do nào khác, quý vị có thể bị Cảnh sát phạt.

Ngay cả khi cư ngụ ở ngoài những khu vực dân cư này, quý vị chỉ có thể tiếp 5 người khách trong nhà mình.

Hãy rửa tay. Duy trì khoảng cách 1,5 mét đối với người khác. Đi xét nghiệm.


Luôn theo dõi thông tin cập nhật bằng ngôn ngữ của quý vị tại coronavirus.vic.gov.au/translations

Muốn biết thông tin cụ thể liên quan đến Moreland, hãy truy cập facebook.com/morelandcitycouncil


Council service announcements in relation to COVID-19

Our priority is the health and safety of our community and staff, and with this in mind we continue to make decisions that may impact the way we deliver our services, events and programs. 

Information in community languages

We have information about COVID-19 changes to our services in:

Coburg Customer Service Centre open

Our Coburg Customer Service Centre will be open from Tuesday 9 June. The centre will be open Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm. No cash payments will be accepted.

Urban Planning Services are continuing remotely. You can access urban planning advice via phone (03) 9240 1111 or viewing advertised plans online.

Brunswick and Glenroy Customer Service Centres closed

Our Brunswick and Glenroy Customer Service Centres are temporarily closed.

We're still available to provide you with information and services:

  • Call us on 9240 1111 to talk with our Customer Service team.
  • View our  online services including bins and collections, new pet registrations, planning enquiries and more.

Sharps disposals 

If you have sharps, needles or syringes that you would normally bring to our Brunswick and Glenroy customer service centres to dispose - you can now take them to Merri Health located at 93 Bell Street Coburg.

For more information you can call Merri Health on 1300 637 744.

Brunswick, Coburg, Glenroy Libraries open with restrictions

Brunswick, Coburg and Glenroy libraries will open from Tuesday 2 June, from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with 20 person limits.

Glenroy's Libraries after Dark will open Thursday nights until 10pm, starting 11 June, with 20 person limits.

Additional hygiene measures will be in place and visitors will need to provide their library card or name and contact number on entry. Newspapers will not be available. Returned material will be quarantined for 72 hours.

Campbell Turnbull and Fawkner libraries will remain closed due to their small size and the difficulties meeting physical distancing requirements.

Our eLibrary resources are available online and our Books to Your Door contactless home delivery service continues.

For enquiries and assistance call 9353 4000 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Brunswick and Fawkner pools are open with restrictions

Brunswick Baths' indoor and outdoor pools and Fawkner Leisure’s indoor pool are open, with 20 person limits per pool.

Brunswick Baths operating hours: 6am to 10am and 4pm to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Saturday and 8am – 12pm Sundays and closed public holidays. 

Fawkner Leisure Centre operating hours: 6am to 10am and 4pm to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 12pm Saturday and Sunday and closed public holidays

Priority is given to all members in Moreland, and sessions must be pre-booked and paid for online (visits will be pay-as-you-go while memberships remain suspended). Bookings will be for 45 minutes, with 15 minutes between sessions to allow for cleaning. 

Brunswick and Fawkner gyms to open on Monday 29 June

Brunswick and Fawkner leisure centre gyms will open on trial from Monday 29 June. Operating times are the same as for swimming pool access, bookings and prepayment are required.

Priority is given to all members in Moreland, and sessions must be pre-booked and paid for online (visits will be pay-as-you-go while memberships remain suspended). Bookings will be for 45 minutes, with 15 minutes between sessions to allow for cleaning.

Oak Park and Coburg Leisure

Brunswick and Fawkner will monitor the trial opening of the gym and review opening of Group fitness and aqua aerobics classes in the coming weeks

Oak Park and Coburg Leisure will announce their gym and group fitness openings in the coming weeks, following the trial at Brunswick and Fawkner

Other pools – Coburg Leisure, Oak Park, Coburg Olympic and Pascoe Vale outdoor pools closed 

Coburg Leisure pool will also remain closed for capital maintenance and refurbishment works. 

Oak Park, Coburg Olympic and Pascoe Vale outdoor pools remain closed for the winter period.  

Outdoor recreation equipment open 

Playgrounds, skate parks, outdoor gym equipment and other areas with outdoor recreation equipment are open. Equipment is restricted to a maximum of 20 users at one time. 

Public BBQ facilities are also open.  

Oxygen Youth Space open for appointments 

Oxygen Youth Space is open for face-to-face and small group meetings by appointment or referral only from Monday 1 June. 

The team is available online and over the phone for all youth support. Please call 9389 8645, email oxygen@moreland.vic.gov.au or visit our Facebook page. 

Aged and Community Support  

The health and safety of our residents and staff is foremost in our service delivery during COVID 19. As such, we have made changes to the way we deliver some of our services and have also had to cancel some services. Essential support services continue to be provided with additional health and hygiene practices and measures put in place. 

Planned Activity Groups/Social Support Groups - Groups are cancelled until further notice, however we are working with residents to provide alternative social connection opportunities and activities that can be done at home. 

Senior Citizen groups – Cancelled until further notice. We are working with groups on options for staying connected while staying at home. 

Moreland Age-Friendly Ambassadors Program – on hold at the current time. We are working on other Living and Ageing Well strategies to support older people during COVID19.  

Delivered meals program - Additional Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) funding has been provided to provide additional meals to the community during COVID 19. 

Home Support services, Personal Support, Respite Support, Delivered Meals and Community Transport will continue, with some adjustments to services.  

If you have any questions or concerns about your service, or find out if you or someone you know are eligible for a service, please phone (03) 9240 2302. 

School Holiday Program suspended 

We have temporarily suspended our Primary School Holiday Program. Stay tuned for more information on when this program will re-open. 

Family Day Care operating 

Our Family Day Care service is still operating. If you require child care or are interested in becoming a home based educator call 9240 2300. 

Kindergarten enrolments open 

We are still accepting kindergarten enrolments for 4 year old kindergarten in 2021. Please apply before 31 May. Learn more about how you can apply. 

Playgroups closed 

All Council-led playgroups will be closed until further notice. 

Maternal and child health  

We have modified our service to have short face-to-face consultations with families. As of 18 May 2020, all 0-8 week-old babies are having face to face appointments for physical assessment at one of our centres.  

All other MCH services continue via phone and video chat. More changes will take place in the coming months as we transition to normal operations.  

Immunisation services 

Our Council-run immunisation services are still running and appointments must be made before you can attend. All sessions are at Coburg Town Hall, 90 Bell St, Coburg with plenty of parking on Urquhart Street. 

Please call us on 9240 1111 or email sd-immunisation@moreland.vic.gov.au for any queries. 

Breastfeeding support 

As of 15 June 2020, Moreland will go back to providing face to face breastfeeding support every Wednesday to families via an appointment system at our Coburg Maternal and Child Health Centre.

You can book your one on one appointment with our team via our booking line on 9240 1111 and by selecting option 2. Where possible we request for only the mother and child to attend the appointment.

All appointments need to be made via the booking line as we are not taking drop ins at the moment due to COVID-19.

We will also be setting a breastfeeding support service at Merlynston mid-July. Further details on this service will be provided soon.

For general enquiries contact our Maternal and Child Health team on 9240 1111 and select option 2.

Citizenship Ceremonies 

All face-to-face Citizenship Ceremonies have been postponed, but are being reviewed with an intention to resume soon. Online Citizenship Ceremonies are now being conducted by Moreland, and arranged by the Department of Home Affairs. 

If you have a query regarding citizenship visit the Department of Home Affairs website or call 131 880. 

Counihan Gallery open 

The Counihan Gallery is will open from Wednesday 3 June with additional hygiene measures in place. The gallery will be open Wednesday to Saturday, 11am until 5pm, closed Sundays. 

Waste services 

Our waste and bin collection and recycling services are still business as normal. Learn more about waste collection services. 

Halls and venues for hire 

Some council-managed Halls, Senior Citizen Centres and Meeting Rooms are available for hire. Hire requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please call 9240 1111 for more information. 


Most Council-run community meetings and information sessions have been cancelled or alternatively consultation is being conducted in a different way. 

Advice about specific meetings and sessions will be provided to relevant participants. 

All other services  

All other services will run as normal, unless otherwise advised. 

Support for businesses 

If you're a local business and looking for support during this time, visit our Business Moreland website. 

More information about coronavirus 

For those wanting more information about coronavirus and how to keep yourself and other safe, this webpage is a great resource, provided and regularly updated by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  

The health and safety of our community remains our top priority and we will continue to keep you informed. 

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