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My pilgrimage to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand in 2019

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My pilgrimage to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand in 2019

Toronto, 01 December 2019

With great respect Dear Su Phu Nguyen Tang,

I would like to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude to Su Phu who has kindly supported me in this spiritual journey.

This year of 2019 my health has remained good enough that permitted me to participate in the long pilgrimage to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand from 26 September to 12 October 2019.

The majority of the group  originated from Australia except for a young American and myself, a much older traveller from Toronto, Canada. Despite being on my own, I never felt worried as Su Phu provided close and careful oversight from the time of my departure from Montreal to my arrival in Colombo at 2AM where a reputable agent greeted me. I truly appreciated this religious expedition.


We found the ancient city Anuradhapura where there is a Bodhi Tree dated from 2500 years ago. It was enclosed with a 6 metres high fence. The Great Buddha has sat at the foot of that Tree and was meditating. On an early morning following 49 days  of meditation, a Morning star appeared in the sky. The Great Buddha’s conscience and perspicacity shone brilliantly. He was surprised he could see all of the Universe as clearly as he could see the palm of his hand. The word Buddha means a person who has achieved perfection in his personality, intellect, conscience, compassion of self and others. It is authentic for each being while in a state of quiescent meditation.

Then the Great Buddha realized that all beings can acquire this power once they attain the perfection of personality. He declared: “I am Buddha and have achieved this Perfection therefore anyone can become a Buddha in the same way.”

I wished to sit at the foot of the Bhudda Tree and sense the origin of Bhuddism. I had to climb on a small mount and suddenly I fell. Su Phu came to my help to find a comfortable seating position. Fortunately I have a wonderful picture to remind me of this incredible memorable event.


I had already read some information about this country prior to my arrival. This is a beautiful peaceful country.

After spending 5 days there, I discovered Bhutan is not only tranquil in words but its population mirrors that serenity in their behaviour, facial expressions, kindness and honesty. Bhutan is lusciously covered by the green of the trees and grass on the ground and white clouds on the tip of mountains. There is little transportation traffic, no lights circulation nor difference between rich and poor.

There was an excursion up a 3000 metres elevation mountain comprised of a guided horse ride for the first third of the distance and  walking for the rest. A very excited and sprightly 78 years old woman took part in the trek. I along with three others stayed at the bottom. It was exalting to witness the people of Bhutan in their calmness, happiness and freedom.

I am very fortunate at my age to accomplish this voyage and see such and ideal country unique in the world.

I would like to thank infinitely Su Phu for his constant and indispensable support all along this marvelous pilgrimage that I will cherish always.

With grandest

Quang Tinh Tam (Buddhist name)                                                                                                      

Trang Thi Hanh (Birth name)

Montreal, Canada

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