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Music Album: Universal Love of The Buddha

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Music Album: Universal Love of The Buddha

Unversal Love of the Buddha
Universal Love of The Buddha
Written by Andrew. J. Williams
Produced and performed by Andrew. J. Williams and Roger. J. McLachlan
Recorded by Roger. J. McLachlan

1. UNIVERSAL LOVE reprise (Williams)
2. DEAL OF GOLD (Williams)
3. GOLDEN GENEROSITY (Williams/McLachlan)
4. PROMISE (Williams)
5. UNIVERSAL LOVE reprise (Williams)
6. ONE PEOPLE (Williams)
7. PERFECT PLACE (Williams)
8. REVERENCE (Williams)

10. OBSTACLES & FEARS (Williams/McLachlan)
11. THE SOLUTION (Williams)
12. LIBERATION (Williams)
13. UNIVERSAL LOVE (Williams)


Andrew Williams-7

1. UNIVERSAL LOVE reprise (A J Williams)
May all sentient beings be happy
May they live in safety & joy
All sentient beings, whether weak or strong
Great or small, short or tall
Seen or unseen, near or distant
Born or to be born, may they all be happy

2. DEAL OF GOLD (A J Williams)
Teacher, what are those people singing?
The Buddha's words on Universal Love
What does it mean? Please explain.
Please teach us where, when & why it was taught
Very well my young friends, first I will teach you
about the place where it was spoken
It was known as Jetavana Monastery
Near the city of Savatthi
Now, Anathapindika was a very rich man
Known for his generosity
Also known as the friend of the poor
Who was respected & loved by all
When the Buddha accepted his invitation
To come to teach in Savatthi
He set out in search of a suitable location
To offer to the Buddha
He soon discovered a beautiful place
Known as Prince Jeta's Grove
So he approached the Prince
To seek permission to buy his land, he said
“Your Royal Highness I would like to buy this land from you
To offer to the Lord Buddha
Please advise, what is your price?”
At first the Prince had no intention
Of selling his land to the rich man
But testing his devotion & honesty
He responded jokingly, he said
“Not even if you can cover this whole place with all of your gold, will I sell it to you”
Anathapindika replied
“Ok, I will buy it at that price
With all the gold it takes to cover the land”
Now the Prince was impressed
By his pure motivation
He said, “Due to your pure intentions
& your generous attitude
I now agree to sell it to you”
So the friend of the poor began to cover the grove with his gold

(A J Williams & R J McLachlan)
Now with most of the Grove covered with gold
Inspired by generosity, the Prince asked
“May I be allowed to donate the rest of the land, along with all of the trees?”
Anathapindika agreed & all were happy
Then the Prince had the gateway built
Using all the gold he'd received
& the rich man built the Monastery
Along with all of the facilities
& this my friends is how
The place where the Buddha gave the teaching on Universal Love, came to be.
Therefore, we should develop & practice generosity

4. PROMISE (A J Williams)
And so my young friends the next time we meet
I promise to teach you when & why
The Lord Buddha gave the teaching
On Universal Love
& now I would like to invite
All living beings to sing his words

5. UNIVERSAL LOVE reprise (A J Williams)
May all sentient beings be happy.
May they live in safety & joy.
All sentient beings, whether weak or strong,
Great or small, short or tall,
Seen or unseen, near or distant,
Born or to be born, may they all be happy.

6. ONE PEOPLE (A J Williams)
Different color, one people
Different language, one people
Different country, one people
Living in a world with so much love to give
Though we are different, we are the same
Though we are many, we really are one
So let's live in peace, live in harmony
Live with hope, that all the people be free
Peace is harmony
Hoping that the people of the world be free
Different religion, one people
Different tradition, one people
Different culture, one people
Living in a world with so much love to give
Though we are different, we are the same
Though we are many, we really are one
So let's live in peace, live in harmony
Live with hope, that all the people be free
Peace is harmony
Hoping that the people of the world be free
Different faith, one people
Different belief, one people
Different way, one people

7. PERFECT PLACE (A J Williams)
Now my young friends, I will tell you when & why
The Buddha’s teaching on Universal Love came to be
In those days, just before the rains retreat
Disciples would come to see the Buddha
To receive instruction on particular techniques of meditation
Suitable to their individual temperaments & needs
Then they would go to a suitable location
For meditation, in the hope of liberation
It is said, that a certain 500 monks
Came to the Supreme Master, at Jetavana Monastery
And after they had received their instructions
Went in search of a place to practice diligently
They soon found a perfect place
At the foothills of the Himalayas
By its beauty, they were captivated
It appeared like a glistening blue quartz crystal
With a cool, dense, green forest grove
& a stretch of ground strewn with sand
Like a pearl net or a silver sheet
With a clean spring of cool water
& villages and market town nearby, a Perfect Place

8. REVERENCE (A J Williams)
So they spent the night & in the morning
Went to the town for alms
The people of the villages, were overjoyed to see them
As it was rare to see monks in these parts
So filled with devotion, they fed the monks
& requested them to, “stay here as our guests"
They said “We promise to take care of all of your needs
So you can meditate in the shade of the ancient trees”
The monks agreed, settling down contently
Each selected a tree, to practice by day & night
Now it is said, that these great trees
Were inhabited by deities
Who had built a celestial mansion, using the trees as its base
& as virtue is revered by all, even more so by deities
Out of reverence, they did not want to remain above the monks
& came down from their homes & stood aside with their families

From a distance, the deities remained, watching & waiting
Growing anxious to return to their homes
They had thought the monks would only stay for a while
But day after day passed, with no sign of them leaving
So the deities decided to scare the monks away
With terrifying visions, noises & smells

10. OBSTACLES & FEARS (A J Williams & R J McLachlan)
And so the deities created these terrifying conditions
& soon the monks grew pale
& could no longer meditate
Terrifying objects, dreadful noises,
Sickening smells, distracted minds
The monks all shared their experiences with their elder
Who said ”Let us go to the blessed one & place our problem before him”
So they set out at once to seek advice from the Buddha

11.THE SOLUTION (A J Williams)
After the monks had related their experiences to the Lord Buddha
He advised them to return to the same location
As it was the perfect place for them to purify their minds
For meditation & to achieve liberation
He said “Fear-not! To be free from the harassment
Caused by the deities, learn this teaching
It will be a theme for your meditation
As well as a formula for protection & healing”
& so the Buddha gave the teaching
Which they all memorized & reverently took their leave
& journeyed back to that perfect place
Constantly reciting & meditating on
the Buddha’s words on Universal Love

12. LIBERATION (A J Williams)
Nearing the forest, the hearts of the deities
Were now filled with friendship & good will
So they materialized themselves in human form
Welcoming the monks with great respect & hospitality
Causing water & food to be supplied
They reverently made offerings
Then resuming their normal form, extend an invitation
To stay & meditate, without fear or hesitation
Throughout the rains retreat, the deities protected them
& caused the place to be free from all noise & distraction
In perfect silence, they practised their meditations
& for the good of all, attained liberation
Such is the power of Universal Love
Infinite are the blessings for those who live this way
So my friends, I encourage you & all living beings
To sing the Buddha’s words on Universal Love

13. UNIVERSAL LOVE (A J Williams)
This is the work for those who are skilled & peaceful, who seek the good
May they be able & upright, honest, of gentle speech & not proud
May they be content & easily supported
Unburdened with their senses calmed
May they be wise, not arrogant
& without desire for the possessions of others
May they do nothing mean, or that the wise would reprove
May all sentient beings be happy
May they live in safety & joy
All sentient beings, whether weak or strong
Great or small, short or tall
Seen or unseen, near or distant
Born or to be born, may they all be happy
Let no-one deceive or despise another being in any state
Let none by anger or hatred wish harm upon another
Just as a mother would protect
Her only child with her life
Even so, let one cultivate a boundless love
Toward all sentient beings
Let one radiate that boundless love
Towards the entire world
Above, below & in all directions
Without hindrance, without ill will, without enmity
Standing or walking, sitting or lying down
During all one’s waking hours
May one remain mindful of this heart
& this way of living that is the best in the world
Unattached to speculations, views & sense desires
With clear vision, such a person
Will never be reborn in the cycles of suffering
Forever free & happy

May the merit made by me
Now or at some other time
Be shared by all sentient beings here
By rejoicing in this cause
This gift of merits given by me
May all sentient beings live a happy life
Be free from hatred
& may they find the path secure
& their good wishes all succeed
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May the Merit and virtue,accrued from this work, adorn the Buddhas pureland,
Repay the four great kindnesses above, andrelieve the suffering of those on the three paths below,
may those who see or hear of these efforts generates Bodhi Mind, spend their lives devoted to the Buddha Dharma,
the Land of Ultimate Bliss.

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