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Help for the Dying

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Help for the Dying

Help for the Dying
and Bereaved in Your Area

The following is an international list of experienced Buddhist practitioners and Buddhist based hospices and centers that have offered to give spiritual and emotional support to the dying and bereaved of any religion, culture, age, gender, etc.

Australia, Melbourne---Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery, Venerable Tang: 03. 9357 3544
Australia, Brisbane--- Karuna Hospice Service: PH 61-7-3857 9555, 61-7-3857 9555
Australia, Adelaide---Buddha House: 100357.250blank100357.250@compuserve.com PH 61-8 8379 9153blank61-8 8379 9153
Australia, Canberra---Angela Sands: sangela@ozemail.com.au
Australia, Melbourne---Catherine Wilde at Tara Institute: PH 61-3-95968900blank61-3-95968900
Australia, Perth--- Hospice of Mother Tara: gleehmt@geo.net.au PH 61-8 9791 9798blank61-8 9791 9798
Australia, Victoria, Bendigo---Tony Beaumont: tsl@bssc.edu.au
Brazil, ---Sergio Gouv¨ºa de A.Silva: sgouveas@uol.com.br
En route---Ven.Thubten Dondrub: Dondrub@compuserve.com
Greece ---Ven.T.Shenphen: lamashenphen@amchi.org
Mexico ---Dr. Jaime Arciniega: serlinpa@Prodigy.Net.mx
Nepal ---Ven. Pende Hawter: PHawter@compuserve.com
New Zealand, Auckland---Amitabha Hospice Service: PH 64-9-4139432blank64-9-4139432
Singapore ---Ven.Wongmo: Twongmo@compuserve.com
Switzerland, Zurich, ---Antonia D. Strub: healing-jewel@healing-jewel.ch
UK, Leeds, ---David Midgley: david@ecodata.demon.co.uk
USA, AL, Auburn---Buddha Heart Village: PH 334-887-3659blank334-887-3659
USA, AZ, Phoenix---Arizona Buddhist Temple: PH 602-278-0036blank602-278-0036
USA, CA, Berkeley---Berkeley Buddhist Monastery: PH 510-848-3440blank510-848-3440
USA, CA, Downey---Fa Kwang Temple: PH 562-927-3945blank562-927-3945
USA, CA, Artesia---Wan Yuen Temple: PH 310-860-8748blank310-860-8748
USA, CA, Fountain Valley---Rev. Wu Ming, Rev. Kou Cheng: PH 714-962-5771blank714-962-5771
USA, CA, Los Angeles---Mystic Dharma Temple: PH 323-258-2330blank323-258-2330
USA, Ca, Milpitas---Avatamsaka Buddhist Lotus Society: PH 408-942-0874blank408-942-0874
USA, CA, Lake County---Leland Fletcher: lelandf@jps.ne
USA, CA, San Diego---San Diego Buddhist Association: PH 619-298-2800blank619-298-2800
USA, CA, Oakland---The Light of Buddha Temple: PH 510-835-0791blank510-835-0791
USA, CA, San Jose---Rev. Sik Ling Chun: PH 408-259-8888blank408-259-8888
USA, CA, Talmage---Dharm Realm Buddhist Association: PH 707-462-0939blank707-462-0939
USA, CA, Monterey Bay---Michael Cheslosky: mchesloc@earthlink.net
USA, CA, Sacramento---Sagely City of The Dharma Realm: PH 916-374-8268blank916-374-8268
USA, CA, San Francisco Bay outer suburbs---Deirdre Frank: frank6@earthlink.net
USA, CA, San Francisco---Ven.Ngawang Chotak (Chris Kolb): kusalipa@slip.net
USA, CA, Santa Clara--- Doug Veenhof: ensapa@hotmail.com
USA, CA, Santa Cruz ---Karuna: Jkaruna@cs.com
USA, CA, Santa Cruz---Tubten Pende: Pende@compuserve.com
USA, CA, Soquel---Silvia Wenger: silviasbox@juno.com
USA, CA, Boulder Creek--- Janice Allan PH 831-338-6654blank831-338-6654
USA, CO, Lakewood---Buddhist Ass'n of Colorado: PH 303-985-5506blank303-985-5506
USA, CT, North Heaven---Mr. Wu or Ms. Hsu: PH 203-288-2289blank203-288-2289
USA, Northern California---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 408-262-3389blank408-262-3389
USA, FL, ---Jacie Keeley: dakini101@excelonline.com
USA, Fl, Miami---Buddhist Association of Miami: PH 305-385-2866blank305-385-2866
USA, GA, Marietta---Atlanta Buddhism Association: 4791 North Sound
USA, HI, Honolulu---Chinese Buddhist Association of Hawaii: PH 808-536-8548blank808-536-8548
USA, IA, Iowa City---Mr. Der-Cherny Luor: PH 319-358-8435blank319-358-8435
USA, IL, Chicago---Tian Long Temple: PH 312-326-2398blank312-326-2398
USA, IN, W. Lafayette---Su-Jung Lin: PH 317-497-1590blank317-497-1590
USA, KY, Lexington---Buddhist Association of Kentucky: 2113 Lakeside Drive
USA, LA, Metairie---New Orleans Buddhist Association: PH 504-482-2923blank504-482-2923
USA, MA, Quincy---Massachusetts Budhi Siksa Society: PH 617-773-7745blank617-773-7745
USA, MA, Lexington---Massachusetts Buddhist Association: PH 781-863-1936blank781-863-1936
USA, MI, Howell---Americana Buddhist Association: PH 517-545-7559blank517-545-7559
USA, MN, Maplewood---Minnesota Buddhist Association: PH 612-378-3957blank612-378-3957
USA, MO, Augusta---Mid American Buddhist Association: PH 314-228-4114blank314-228-4114
USA, NJ, Lafayette---The Rocky Foundation: PH 973-300-9250blank973-300-9250
USA, NJ, Denville---Gampopa Vajrayana Buddhist Center: PH 973-586-2756blank973-586-2756
USA, NJ, E Brunswick---American Association of Buddhist Education: PH 732-651-8001blank732-651-8001
USA, NJ, Paramus---Ms. Dai: PH 201-368-1161blank201-368-1161
USA, NC, Durham---North Carolina Buddhist Student Association: PH 919-484-2932blank919-484-2932
USA, NC, Cary---I.B.P.S.: PH 919-469-0530blank919-469-0530
USA, NM, Taos---Ven. Constance Miller: ConstanceMiller@compuserve.com
USA, NV, Las Vegas---Nevada Buddhist Association: PH 702-252-7339blank702-252-7339
USA, NY, Manhattan---New York Amitabha Society: PH 212-965-8951blank212-965-8951
USA, OH, Wooster---Buddhist Association of Wisdom & Compassion: PH 330-263-1855blank330-263-1855
USA, OH, Columbus---The Buddhist Bodhi Association of Columbus: PH 614-326-3871blank614-326-3871
USA, OR, Portland---Portland Buddhist Temple: PH 503-239-5678blank503-239-5678
USA, PA, Emmaus---Buddhist Association of the Lehigh Valley: PH 610-967-3164blank610-967-3164
USA, PA, Pittsburgh---Buddhist Study Group of Pittsburgh: PH 412-381-7901blank412-381-7901
USA, PA, Upper St. Clair---Tzu Chi Society: PH 421-221-8318
USA, PA, Philadelphia---Buddha's Light International Ass.: PH 215-592-8830blank215-592-8830
USA, PA, Philadelphia---Buddha Yana Temple: PH 215-393-8367blank215-393-8367
USA, CA, Sunnyvale---Amitabha Buddhist Society of USA: PH 408-736-3386blank408-736-3386
USA, TX, Houston---Amitabha Buddhist Society of Houston: PH 713-339-1864blank713-339-1864
USA, TX, Houston---Jade Buddha Temple: PH 281-498-1616blank281-498-1616
USA, TX, Richardson---Dallas Buddhist Association: PH 214-234-4401blank214-234-4401
USA, GA, Lilburn---Atlanta Amitabha Society: PH 770-925-1459blank770-925-1459
USA, AL, Huntsville ---Amitabha Society of Huntsville: PH 205-883-4555blank205-883-4555
USA, WI, Madison---Amitabha Society of Madison: PH 608-233-0552blank608-233-0552
USA, PA, Philadelphia---Amitabha Buddhist Society: PH 215-238-1006blank215-238-1006
USA, PA, Puttsburgh ---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 412-221-8318blank412-221-8318
USA, VA, Mclean---Mr. Tung: 6649 Kirkley Avenue
USA, Washington, DC---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 301-231-5498blank301-231-5498
USA, WA, Edmonds---Kindness Buddhist Association: PH 206-670-1275blank206-670-1275
USA, WA, Seattle---Buddhist Association, Seattle: PH 206-583-0442blank206-583-0442
USA, WI, Madison---Wisconsin buddhist Association: PH 608-233-0552blank608-233-0552
Singapore---Amitabha Buddhist Society (Singapore): PH 65-744-7444blank65-744-7444
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur---Amitabha Buddhist Society (Malaysia): PH 603-441-4101blank603-441-4101
Malaysia, Johor ---Amitabha Buddhist Society (Johor): PH 607-332-4958blank607-332-4958
Malaysia, Pontian---Amitabha Buddhist Society : PH 607-686-1958blank607-686-1958
Malaysia, Penang---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 604-228 6561blank604-228 6561
Holland, Amsterdam---Advayavada Buddhism Infocenter: PH +31-20-6269602blank+31-20-6269602
USA, PA, Macungie---Peter & Chung Chu Hwang: PH 610-398-7717blank610-398-7717
USA, PA, Macungie---Shiang-Hua Lin: PH 610-965-3720blank610-965-3720
USA, OH, Cleveland---Zen Society of Cleveland: PH 216-889-1393blank216-889-1393
USA, OH, Cleveland---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 216-696-7145blank216-696-7145
USA, TX, Dalas---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 972-680-8869blank972-680-8869
USA, NY, Long Island---Tzu Chi Society: PH 516-466-1804blank516-466-1804
USA, New Jersey---Tzu Chi Society: PH 973-857-8666blank973-857-8666
CANADA, Vancouver---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 604-266-7659blank604-266-7659
CANADA, Ontario---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 905-947-1182blank905-947-1182
CANADA, Ontario---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 416-697-9172blank416-697-9172
CANADA, Ontario---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 905-947-4655blank905-947-4655
CANADA, Alberta---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 403-271-1748blank403-271-1748
CANADA, Ontario---Tzu-Chi Society: PH 613-224-7710blank613-224-7710
CANADA, Montreal---Montreal Chinese Buddhist Society: PH 514-875-2038blank514-875-2038
CANADA, Vancuver---Amitabha Society of Canada: PH 604-266-1916, 604-266-1916

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The following is an international list of experienced Buddhist practitioners and Buddhist based hospices and centers that have offered to give spiritual and emotional support to the dying and bereaved of any religion, culture, age, gender, etc.
01/10/201005:08(Xem: 2057)
The goal of all Buddhist practice is to achieve Enlightenment and transcend the cycle of Birth and Death - that is, to attain Buddhahood. In the Mahayana tradition, the precondition for Buddhahood is the Bodhi Mind, the aspiration to achieve Enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings, oneself included.
03/10/201017:25(Xem: 1612)
Dr. Guo Hui Zhen was an oncologist. She was very motivated, enthusiastic, and wholehearted in her work. Her compassion and sincerity not only encouraged the sick but also wakened the healthy ones, causing them to study Buddha Dharma (referred to Buddhism) and to recite the Buddha’s name.
17/10/201011:13(Xem: 1705)
When the bodhisattva practices patience with respect to beings he gains an incalculable measure of merit. When he practices patience with respect to dharmas he gains an incalculable measure of wisdom. Because he perfects the two factors of merit and wisdom his achievement accord with his aspirations.
11/10/201004:51(Xem: 1383)
MERIT AND ITS TRANSFER. There are benefits to be derived from the non-attached practices of Wisdom and Compassion; these practices include the Buddhist Precepts which are guidelines for enlightened living. These benefits, or "merit," may be accumulated and subsequently transferred to any or all sentient beings for their benefit (transpersonal) or rededicated so as to transform it into a benefit for one's self (personal).
13/10/201014:47(Xem: 1293)
MERIT AND ITS TRANSFER. There are benefits to be derived from the non-attached practices of Wisdom and Compassion; these practices include the Buddhist Precepts which are guidelines for enlightened living. These benefits, or "merit," may be accumulated and subsequently transferred to any or all sentient beings for their benefit (transpersonal) or rededicated so as to transform it into a benefit for one's self (personal).
11/10/201004:30(Xem: 1678)
Buddhism spread to the north-east beyond the borders of its homeland India, and reached China in the early centuries A.D. and from there Korea and Japan. The form of Buddhism which was introduced into those countries and enjoyed popularity was predominantly Mahayana, the Great Vehicle.
01/10/201005:08(Xem: 1226)
Remind the patient of the sufferings of the Saha World and the joys of the Pure Land, so that he may develop a Mind of devotion to the Pure Land. The good advisor would also enumerate and praise the patients' good deeds, merits and virtues cultivated. This will make him happy and free of doubts, certain that when the time comes to die, he will, thanks to his good deeds, be reborn.
04/10/201014:38(Xem: 1459)
Thus I have heard, at one time the Buddha dwelt at Shravasti, in the Jeta Grove in the Garden of the Benefactor of Orphans and the Forlorn, together with a gathering of Great Bhikshus, twelve-hundred fifty in all, all Great Arhats well-known to the assembly: Elders Shariputra, Mahamaudgalyayana, Mahakasyapa, Mahakatyayana, Mahakausthila, Revata, Suddhipanthaka, Nanda, Ananda, Rahula, Gavampati, Pindola-Bharadvaja, Kalodayin, Mahakaphina, Vakkula, Aniruddha, and others such as these, all Great Disciples, together with all the Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas: Manjushri, Prince of Dharma; Ajita Bodhisattva, Gandhastin Bodhisattva, Nityodukta Bodhisattva, and others such as these, all Great Bodhisattvas, and together with Shakra, Chief among Gods, and the numberless great multitudes from all the heavens.