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Zen in Touch The Seven Factors of Living Happiness

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Zen in Touch The Seven Factors of Living Happiness


Zen in Touch
The Seven Factors of Living Happiness

By Khai Thien, 2004


Book description

Not a philosophical odyssey into the realm of what we can imagine about the kingdom of God or the realm of Nirvana, Zen in Touch, rather, is a spiritual journey that directs us individually to penetrate deeply into the miraculous world of self-realization by applying the techniques of Zen. As an essential guidebook for practitioners covering both the theory and practice of Buddhist meditation, Zen in Touch, with its seven provoking topics and seven factors of living happiness, offers the clearest guidance regarding how readers may reach the state of Nirvana—true happiness—in one’s daily life by liberating the great potentials of the Buddha nature from inner bondage and the hindrances of the impure mind. This handbook of Living Happiness is not only for Zen students and practitioners but for everyone who wishes to get in touch with the base of Nirvana—the divine blissfulness— not in the life after death but in the present moment, the flowing current of reality in which no concept of time such as yesterday or tomorrow can be found, only the true current of the here and now.


Zen in Touch is a simple and clear map that shows us how to handle and how to live better in the chaos of both the good and the bad, both the negative and the positive of each personal reality. The first part of the book provides an intensive review on various aspects of human life, both internal and external reality; those aspects are the background on which readers can go further into the spiritual journey. The second part, the essential core of the book, presents the Seven Factors of Living Happiness that were taught directly by the Buddha more than 2,600 years ago. These seven factors [teachings] are the essential characters in the Buddhist history of Enlightenment. On the path to Nirvana—eternal happiness—Zen in Touch could be your best companion.


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Zen in Touch:
The Seven Factors of Living Happiness

Author: Khai Thien
Self-Help / General
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Publication Date: Oct-2004
Price: $11.95
Size: 5 x 8
Author: Khai Thien
ISBN: 0-595-32959-4
112 Pages
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