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This is a prayer requesting to be reborn in the Pure Land

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This is a prayer requesting to be reborn in the Pure Land

This is a prayer requesting 
to be reborn in the Pure Land

Lama Kalsang Gyaltsen

It can be recited any time and is also good when chanting
for the deceased. The last verse is a brief form of
Samanatabhadra's Aspiration and can be recited at the end
of prayers whenever you have not much time. 

Aspiration for Rebirth into the Pure Realms of Great Bliss

Prostrations to the holy lamas who possess great compassion! 
Prostrations to the bliss realm which was praised as the most
exalted of the Buddha's pure realms, 
By the King of the Shakyas, 
The perfectly enlightened Buddha of this world, 
To his ocean-like assembly of disciples. 

Prostrations to Amitabha, the exalted teacher of gods and humans, 
Seated in the center of that pure realm under the precious royal tree, 
Dignified as a red lotus mountain, 
Adorned by millions of light rays. 

Prostrations to him who transmits the exalted vehicle 
To an assembly of disciples, through the melodies of Brahma. 
Even arhats, intoxicated by samadhi, 
Discard inferior motivation and apply their minds to excellent 

Prostrations to him whose activities are inconceivable, 
Who bestows immerasurable benefit and happiness 
to protectorless beings in numberless realms 
Through a multitude of actions, 
And in infinite incarnations from moment to moment. 

Prostrations to him who is surrounded 
By an assembly of Buddhas filling space, 
Along with Bodhisattvas Avalokiteshvara, Vajrapani, and the rest, 
And a Shravaka assembly equal in number to the atoms in the ocean. 

Prostrations to Mahasiddha, and to the great compassionate Sakyapa. 
And to the oceans of lineage lamas, 
Who were born miraculously into that realm 
Through the power of pure aspiration and infinite virtue. 

By the power of the ocean-like resolve of Amitabha, 
By the blessings and kindness of the root and lineage lamas, 
By the virtues accumulated by myself and others throughout 
the three times, 
When this life's perception diminish, may I and all sentient beings 
wandering in the ocean of existence, 

Take birth in that pure realm which is praised by all the Buddhas. 
As soon as we behold the excellent face of Amitabha, 
May we hear the teachings of the great vehicle which are vast and 
profound from the ocean-like melody of his speech. 
May our minds be filled with good qualities like faith, wisdom, 
dharanyi, and samadhi. 

By emanating bodies as numberless as atoms, 
And travelling to all the realms of the ten directions in a single instant, 
With vast clouds of offerings like Samantabhadra, 
May I worship all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas without exception. 

May I venerate the protector of that pure realm 
And the assembly of exalted lamas, the rescuers. 
Having obtained the profound Dharma of the Mahayana, 
May I accomplish all the deeds of enlightenment. 

Through compassion, may I satisfy all beings in impure realms 
According to their individual needs. 
Demostrating the three vehicles as suited to each, 
May I accomplish all the deeds of enlightenment. 

At the time of actualizing the supreme state, 
May I gather them as an assembly and manifest the exalted teaching. 
Lead them to the stage of a Bodhisattva's deeds, 
And reveal the Buddha's exalted wisdom. 

May they attain the noble realm, 
Which has the purity of container and contained, 
According to the aspiration of the Bikkshu Dharmakara, 
Who attends the Buddha Lokeshvara. 

May I and all sentient beings 
Swiftly accomplish the Aspiration to Noble Deeds, 
And the aspirations of the Bodhisattvas, 
Who dwell on the stage of complete bliss. 

This was written by the fully ordained Shakya monk, Sonam Senge, at Thubten Nampar 
Gyalwa monastery, of the purpose of attaining that place to which we aspire. 

Translated into English by Lama Kalsang Gyaltsen and Victoria Huckenpahler at Sakya 
Phuntsok Ling during the auspicious time of the Tibetan New Year, 1997.


Update: 01-06-2004
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01/10/2010(Xem: 2817)
The goal of all Buddhist practice is to achieve Enlightenment and transcend the cycle of Birth and Death - that is, to attain Buddhahood. In the Mahayana tradition, the precondition for Buddhahood is the Bodhi Mind, the aspiration to achieve Enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings, oneself included.
01/10/2010(Xem: 1899)
Remind the patient of the sufferings of the Saha World and the joys of the Pure Land, so that he may develop a Mind of devotion to the Pure Land. The good advisor would also enumerate and praise the patients' good deeds, merits and virtues cultivated. This will make him happy and free of doubts, certain that when the time comes to die, he will, thanks to his good deeds, be reborn.
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Nguyện đem công đức này, trang nghiêm Phật Tịnh Độ, trên đền bốn ơn nặng, dưới cứu khổ ba đường,
nếu có người thấy nghe, đều phát lòng Bồ Đề, hết một báo thân này, sinh qua cõi Cực Lạc.

May the Merit and virtue,accrued from this work, adorn the Buddhas pureland,
Repay the four great kindnesses above, andrelieve the suffering of those on the three paths below,
may those who see or hear of these efforts generates Bodhi Mind, spend their lives devoted to the Buddha Dharma,
the Land of Ultimate Bliss.

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