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The Vows Ksitigarb

19/03/201419:44(Xem: 1280)
The Vows Ksitigarb
The Vows Ksitigarbha Sutra

Translated by Pitt Chin Hui



Chapter I. Ubiquitous Supernatural Powers of the Exalted Buddha at Trayastrimsa Heaven.

Chapter II. The Assembly of the Transformations of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

Chapter III. Observations of Retribution of Human Beings Resulting from Previous Karmas.

Chapter IV. Evil Actions and Retributions of Karma of Human Beings of the Samsara World.

Chapter V. The Names of Different Kinds of Hells.

Chapter VI. Shakyamuni Buddha Praising Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

Chapter VII. Benefiting the Living and the Dead.

Chapter VIII. Appreciation of Emperor Yama and His Followers -- the Ruler of Yamadevaloka and Judge of the Dead.

Chapter IX. The Chanting of the Buddha's Name.

Chapter X. The Comparison of Merits for Alms-giving.

Chapter XI. Earthly Spirits protecting the Dharma.

Chapter XII. The Benefit through Sight and Hearing.

Chapter XIII. Shakyamuni Buddha's Instruction to Human Beings and Devas.

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