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Discourse on Happiness

04/03/201112:22(Xem: 2442)
Discourse on Happiness

Discourse on Happiness
-Mahamangala Sutta (Suttanipata 1)

I heard these words of the Buddha one time when the Lord was living in the vicinity of Shravasti at the Anathapindika mona-stery in the Jeta Park. Late at night a deva appeared whose light and beauty made the whole Jeta Grove shine radiantly. After  paying respects to the Buddha, the deva asked him a question in  the form of a verse:

 "Many gods and men are eager to know 
 what are the greatest blessings 
 which can bring about a peaceful and happy life. 
 Please, Tathagata, will you teach us?"
 (This is the Buddha's answer):
 "Not to be associated with the foolish ones, 
 to live in the company of wise people 
 and to honor those who are worth honoring-
 this is the greatest happiness.
 "To live in a good environment, 
 to have planted good seeds
 and to realize that you are on the right path-
 this is the greatest happiness.
 "To have a chance to learn, 
 and to be skillful in your profession or craft
 and to know how to practice the precepts and loving speech-
 this is the greatest happiness.
 "To be able to support your parents, 
 to cherish your own family 
 and to have a job that you like-
 this is the greatest happiness. 
 "To live correctly, to be generous in giving, 
 to be able to give support to relatives and friends 
 and to live a life of blameless conduct-
 this is the greatest happiness.
 Discourse on Happiness 
 "To avoid doing bad things, 
 to avoid being caught by alcoholism or drugs 
 and to be diligent in doing good things-
 this is the greatest happiness.
 "To be humble and polite, 
 to be grateful, and content with a simple life
 and not to miss the occasion to learn the dharma 
 this is the greatest happiness.
 "To persevere and be open to change, 
 to have regular contact with monks and nuns 
 and to participate in dharma discussions-
 this is the greatest happiness.
 "To live diligently and attentively, 
 to perceive the Noble Truths 
 and to realize Nirvana- 
 this is the greatest happiness.
 "To live in the world, 
 with your heart undisturbed by the world, 
 with all sorrows ended, dwelling in peace, 
 this is the greatest happiness.
 "He or she who accomplishes this 
 will remain unvanquished wherever she goes. 
 Always he will be safe and happy-
 This is the greatest happiness."

-Mahamangala Sutta (Suttanipata 1)


Update : 01-05-2002

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Lay Follower "Venerable Sir, to what extent is one a lay follower?" "Jivaka, when one has gone to the Buddha for refuge, has gone to the Dhamma for refuge, and has gone to the Sangha for refuge, then to that extent is one a lay follower."
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This uplifting poem has always been one for our favourites, so it's lovely to see this new and well-bound edition. Though written more than a hundred years ago, it still retains the power to move us in a way that no prose rendering of the life of the Buddha can. Its vivid, jewelled language makes us see the eagle wheeling in the sky, the snake beneath the rock,the moonlight shining on the floor while all in the palace sleep. The spreading branches of the Tree of Wisdom...And we cannot but admire the courage, determination and self-sacrifice of the Indian price who, out of compassion, left his palace to find a remedy for the sufferings of the world.
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I was the first reader of the Life of the Buddha written by Mrs. Radhika Abeysekera. She presents the Dhamma to children in a very attractive way. On the day I was in Winnipeg, I understood the value of her voluntary gift of Dhamma (Dhammadana) to the children.
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