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History of the Buddhist Discussion Centre in Upwey, Victoria, Australia

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History of the Buddhist Discussion Centre in Upwey, Victoria, Australia


History of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd. 1978 C.E to 2007 C.E


John D Hughes Dhamma Cetiya Meditation Hall and Library 
33 Brooking Street, Upwey, Victoria 3158, Australia

History of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd. 

Published 8th September 2007 PAINTING A BETTER WORLD THROUGH LIFETIMES OF LEARNING aAnd the Cultivation of Friendliness, Practicality, Professionalism, Cultural 
Adaptability and Scholarship. 

Dedication This publication is dedicated to Master John David Hughes, on behalf of past, 
present and future Members and students of the Buddhist Discussion Centre 
(Upwey) Ltd. 

As a token of our gratitude for the rare opportunity of meeting the Buddha 
Dhamma in Australia, we vow to continue Buddha Dhamma work at this Temple 
within the Triple Gem rules. 

Editors : Melba Nielsen, Leanne Eames, Helen Costas, Frank Carter, Anita Carter, 
Lainie Smallwood and Pennie White. Photograph by Evelin Martin. 

This publication was complied from articles published in our newsletters, the 
Brooking Street Bugle and our journal, the Buddha Dhyana Dana Review. 
We thank all the writers and editors for their contributions. 
For free distribution only. 
"The Gift of Dhamma Excels all other gifts"






History of the Buddhist Discussion Centre Upwey) Ltd.


Introduction 3
Our Founder - a biography of John David Hughes 5 1978, 1979 9 1980, 1981 10 1982 11 1983 12 1984 13 1985 15 1986 16 1987 17 1988 18 1989 19 1990 20 1991 21 1992 22 1993 23 1994 24 1995 25 1996 26 1997 28 1998 29 1999 30 2000 32 2001 33 2002 34 2003 35 2004 36 2005 37 2006 38 2007 39 History of the Chan Academy 41 Blessings 45 Diffusion of Metta 46

History of the Buddhist Discussion Centre(Upwey)Ltd. Founded by John David Hughes 9th September 1978


This history of our Centre is to commemorate the opening of our new meditation hall on Founder's Day,
9 September 2007.
Why is a history of our Centre important?
Our temple preserves the Buddha Dhamma. The Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey)Ltd. has been teaching meditation
free of charge, for all who request it. Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd. Members have generated
strong community involvement through public and educational addresses, liasion with and help to, Buddhist
and ethnic groups and participation in community based Arts, Religious and Historical projects.

Our Teacher Master John D. Hughes has influenced the lives of many persons from the foundation of this temple.

It was at Versak in 1955 when our Teacher John D. Hughes came to good recollection of Buddha Dhamma due to
good things done in the past times.
It was not too early or too late for him to develop the resources and skills needed to help persons find
the Buddhist Path.

At Versak, in 1955 Christian Era, evidence suggests that there were only two Monks in Australia. Today, it is
of consequence, for the well being of many, that there are several persons living in Australia who have
attained that true mark of Buddha Dhamma, Dhamma Eye.

That is, they have attained stream entry access (sotopan) or better.

John worked for many years to educate himself and gather the set of teaching skills and resources he needed
to begin to set up the practical aspects and materiality needed to teach. His knowledges were vast and
he was full of loving kindness, always ready to lend a helping hand, and to show people the way out of
suffering. John D. Hughes was a very inspirational person who has helped many beings.

This history was compiled from print and online publications of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd.
including the Buddha Dhyana Dana Review and the Brooking Street Bugle. More detail on all of the events
mentioned can be found in these publications.


Our Founder - A Biography of John David Hughes The following biography ‘The Non-ending Journey - A Biography of John David Hughes’ was presented
to John D. Hughes in October 2000 by Evelin C. Halls. The original biography can be viewed with accompanying
photographs of John D. Hughes at www.buyresolved.com.au.
John David Hughes was a fourth generation Australian and was born on 9th of September 1930 in Mentone, which
is located by the beach near Melbourne in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia. John’s father’s
father was rich. He had 28 employees and his sons worked for him. Keith Albert Hughes, John’s father,
was also rich, but in 1930, the business collapsed in the Great Depression. Then his father was unemployed.
But John’s parents as well as other family members provided him with everything he needed and
his childhood was a very happy one. John was the only child and on Sundays up to 18 family members used to
come for dinner, presenting a strong sense of family. He was a very bright and unusual boy.
John was the resident Buddha Dhamma Teacher and Founder of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd. He built
the temple to provide persons in Australia with the opportunity to make merit, so that they can learn
and practice Buddha Dhamma.
John chose a suitable location for the temple in the quiet hills of the Dandenong Ranges. He established a
heavenly Chan garden surrounding the Buddhist Centre and built a multilingual Buddhist reference library,
the John D. Hughes Collection, in the temple, which he planned to last for at least 500 years. On 9 September
2000, John's 70th birthday, the 70th Buddha relic arrived in that year. Over 300 Buddha relics including
three hair relics are now stored in the Centre. The lemma John chose for our organisation
is 'Lifetimes of Learning'.
The most important thing for John fundamentally was to show teachable beings the way out of suffering, to help
them to understand the way out of suffering and to provide the materiality to do it.
John saw himself in a process of becoming, not as a static entity, but in a process of a non-ending journey
until he will end up as a Buddhist Chief monk, Sariputta, under the future Buddha. He trained himself
every day to this aim in a very focussed and coherent way following his life plan.
People that really make a difference in the world in many countries, including about 8000 Buddhist monks, bodhisattvas, business leaders and politicians, shaped John's life. Some of them he personally met. Atisha,
one of the great beings, whom John met in a past life 1000 years ago inspired him through to the
end of his life.
John gained a Diploma of Applied Chemistry from Swinburne College of Technology, a Trained Technical Teacher's
Certificate from the Education Department of Victoria, he studied Arts and Education at Deakin University,
was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Adult and Industrial Education from Deakin University and studied
Mathematics at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. For many years he taught science in Victorian Technical Schools and was a Committee Member and later Chairman of the Boronia Teacher Education Centre.
John D. Hughes was the Founder and Secretary of the Australian Manufacturers Patents, Industrial Designs,
Trademark & Copyright Association (AMPICTA). The Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd is a foundation
member of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria. Also, John formed and ran a training company trading
as WINNERS GAIN GROUND, providing commercial training packages. Many nicknames were given to John over the years, but the one that really stuck was 'Spike'. It came from the
days when John enjoyed playing Jazz cornet and a popular band at the time had the name ‘Spike’.
John always liked music and reading a lot. John D. Hughes was elected as Vice-President of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) in November 1998. On the
25th of January 2000 John was awarded with the Visuddhananda Peace Award (in Memory of His Holiness the
Late 24th Mahasanghanayaka Visuddhananda Mahathero) from Bangladesh. The Venerable Shilalankar Mahathero,
the Sangharaj of the Supreme Sangha Council of Bangladesh describes John in a letter to him for his 65th
birthday as “one of the apostles of our New World Buddhist order in Australia, and one of the pioneers
of Buddhism in the Australia - New Zealand region”.
He was one of the World's few living Chan Masters and had painted Chan images for more than four decades. He
founded the Chan Academy at the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd in 1986, where the 'Way of the Brush'
was taught by him. The classic Chinese Chan painting method has many meanings; it is a Buddhist meditation
practice. Chan, also known as Zen, is like Prajna Paramita. For John personally, he painted for long life
practice and also as a way of thanking the Dragon King for helping him. His paintings are profoundly
beautiful. John said that it is interesting in Australian nationalism to have an Australian painter that
will be remembered for a long time for painting classic Chan in Australia.
John traveled regularly to national and international Buddhist conferences and Buddhist organisations and
helped many beings in Australia and Overseas with his wisdom and compassion. He visited and taught students
in 14 different countries around the world, who came from various cultural, social and economic backgrounds.
His plans for our Centre becoming a branch of a Buddhist university materialised on 9 February 2002 when the
Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd was admitted as an Associated Institution of the World Buddhist
University, which is headquartered in Bangkok Thailand.
Science was fundamentally the basic discipline John trained in, and his hobby was the building of a private
Geological Museum, which is again tied to the Dragon King. For over three decades, John collected precious
stones and rare fossils from all over the world. In 2002, he created an on-line Geological Museum on the
world wide web as e-education, as part of his plan to inspire persons to become geologists. On the 9th
September 2000 John launched UMLAUT, the 'Upwey Museum Library All Uniting Think Tank'. He decided to
publish the UMLAUT notes on the internet.
Over the last 13 years John was editor of the Buddha Dhyana Dana Review, the flagship journal of the Buddhist
Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd, as well as editor over the previous 11 years when the journal was called
the BDC(U) Newsletter. The Buddha Dhyana Dana Review was distributed to 40 countries three time a year for
a decade, until its shift to an online publication on the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd website
www.bddronline.net.au, mirrored at www.bdcu.org.au.
John had created ten truly beautiful Dhamma websites. They are a treasure, and he set out plans to build more
multimedia sites. He also put in place plans to build some low-tech sites, as many people have slow
computers, such as with a 386 processor. He published ongoing teaching materials on his websites. John used
this virtual form instead of the traditional ideal face to face scenario to teach those students, who were
not in a position to travel to the Centre.
By using the new information technology he wanted to enable many more beings to meet and learn the Buddha Dhamma.
John established 'The Buddhist Hour' radio show which he was Executive Producer for its first 240 programs.
The Buddhist Hour is now in its sixth year and is broadcast every Sunday from the local Hillside FM 88.0
radio station Following John’s plan we intend broadcasting the show digitally via the Internet in
the future. In addition, John planned to publish a number of books. The first one is nearly ready and it is
called The Library You Are Looking For. John operated at both the micro and the macro level.
John D. Hughes knowledges were vast and he was full of loving kindness, always ready to lend a helping hand,
and to show people the way out of suffering. John was practical and was often delegating tasks to others; he
had many people helping him. John D. Hughes was a very inspirational person who has helped and will continue to help many many beings in his new birth.
May John be well and happy.
The inaugural meeting of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd. (BDCU) was held on 9 September, 1978, the
birthday of the Centre’s Founder and President, John David Hughes. Committee members were elected,
and the Patron was Tan Acharn Boonyarith a Buddhist Monk from Thailand. Both John Hughes and Tan Acharn
Boonyarith taught on Monday evenings, a tradition that was to continue for most of John’s Buddha
Dhamma teaching career.

Pali chanting was conducted every Friday morning, and hatha yoga was taught once a week.

The first of many five-day meditation courses, another Centre tradition, was held from 27-31 December, 1978.

On 14-16 April, 1979, John D. Hughes conducted a meditation course on Dana (generosity) and keeping seven
precepts, and Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd Members attended a Versak ceremony at the Monash
University Buddhist Society in Melbourne.

John published his second article, ‘Priorities in Education for the 1980s' on 2 June.

In the same month, Member Melba Fitzallen took initiation from Chentse Rinpoche at the newly formed Kagyu
Centre in Prahran Melbourne in June 1979. Mrs. Zarna Somaia brought back a thangka of Sakyamuni Buddha
given to the Centre by the Dalai Lama. Zarna taught Sanskrit lessons at the Centre.

The first Dhamma article was printed in the Centre Newsletter in June, entitled ‘Boredom and Busy’.

On 21 July, 1980, the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd was registered as a company.

The Centre sponsored two bus-loads of Vietnamese Buddhists from Wilton Migrant Centre to attend our Kwan Yin
ceremony. Guests from Vietnamese Buddhist Temples continue to visit us each year to celebrate Vietnamese
New Year.

John D. Hughes presented a Dhamma talk at the 1812 Theatre in Upper Ferntree Gully, and the Centre provided
Dhamma materials that were included in a time capsule buried there.

Members attended a meditation course in Anglesea with Lama Zopa, who presented John Hughes with a gift on his
birthday, 9th September.

John was present at the Dragon King Awakening at Phillip Island on 25 and 26 October, and painted the Nobbies.

Mangala Sutta practice was initiated, and the Centre's social activities birthday program was begun.

Students of the Centre attended Dhamma talks given by the Venerable Traleg Rinpoche at Tara House, and a
meditation course with Venerable Shanti Bhadra, Sri Lanka, at the Buddhist Society of Victoria.
Thangka painting was conducted on-site with Alan Wallis.

1981 The Buddhist Discussion Centre Upwey Ltd, became a member of the Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV)
on 10 February.

Francisco So conducted an Avalokiteshvara Puja at the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd on 15 February,
the first of many he would conduct over a period of more than the next 20 years.

The first Versak ceremony was held at our Centre on 16 May (2525), consisting of an English reading of the
Upali Suttanta (Majjhima-Nikaya No. 56) and the Mangala Sutta in Pali, followed by Dhamma Talks by John
Hughes and member, John Mahoney.

Venerable Shanti Bhadra taught at the Centre on Friday evenings.

John Hughes made a submission to NUMAS (Department of Immigration & Ethnic Affairs) concerning the high
risk of alcoholism in Australia, and another to the Administration of Charities on Dana by Buddhists as a
charitable deduction.

It was in 1981 that John D. Hughes first proposed to set up a Lending and Reference Library of his collection of
Buddhist books and media. He continued to teach about Buddhism in Australian State schools, and his activities in this area included a talk given at Ringwood Technical School and an Australian Schools Commission
project in conjunction with the Buddhist Society of New South Wales(NSW), and another such project that
produced a teacher’s guide on ‘`Reduction of racial prejudice'.

Five-day meditation courses continued, and four such courses per year were established and held at Easter,
Queen's Birthday weekend, August school holidays and Christmas.

Members attended the puja for the passing of two root Gurus, His Holiness Karmarpa and His Holiness Trijang
Rinpoche held at the Loden Centre, and were also involved in providing assistance at the Knox Sherbrooke
Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Centre and setting up the Buddhist Society at RMIT, Melbourne.

Members were taught about the importance of practicing on their birthdays.

Our Library Project continued to move forward, with the target date for the Library opening set for 1 December
1982. Monash University students translated titles and indexed Chinese Dhamma materials for the project.

Visiting Dhamma teachers during the year included Phra Khantipalo on 14 March 1982, who also donated books to the Library, Venerable U Pannathami Thera of Burma, who brought Buddha relics to our Centre and then later in
the year led a meditation course starting 29 December, and Venereable Dhammika, an Australian-born Monk,
on 29 October. Buddhist Nun Ayya Khema visited the Centre on 28 December. Venerable Shanti Bhadra gave
fortnightly Teachings at the Centre in Pali and English.

John D. Hughes gave Dhamma talks at Mentone Girls High School, University of Melbourne, RMIT and the Sri Lankan
Buddhist Society of Victoria. He also revealed plans to build a new Meditation Hall and Monks Quarters.

John was the Australian delegate at the Conference of World Buddhist Leaders and Scholars, Sri Lanka, held from
1-5 June, at which 17 countries were represented. He also received an invitation to visit China from the
Buddhist Association of China.

August saw the first Australian visit of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. Our Members were on the
committee and served as attendants.

We held a meditation course at Atisha Centre in Bendigo, and five Members were certified as Meditation Teachers.

John Hughes and Venerable Pannathami also attended a meditation course held by the Buddhist Society of ACT
in Canberra.

The Schools Commission project Part 2, on ‘The Reduction of Racial Prejudice’ was completed, and
John Hughes’ submission was presented at the Ethnic Affairs Commission in September.

This year, 1982 was the Australian centenary of Buddhism; 600 Singhalese labourers were brought to Mackay and
Bundaberg in Queensland in 1882.

Hatha Yoga classes were conducted at our Centre.

John Hughes represented Australia at the Inauguration of the 1000th anniversary of Atisa Dipankar Srijan in
Dhaka Bangladesh on 26 February. Visitors to the Centre included Venerable Maha Ghosananda on18 March, when he taught the ‘Five reflections
on food’ meditation.

Francisco So continued the tradition of conducting pujas at our Centre with the Bhaisajya Guru Medicine Puja on
15 May 1983. Versak was celebrated on 27 May with polishing images and walking meditation in Olinda Forest.

Twelve Members attended a Lama Zopa retreat at Atisha centre in Bendigo from 5 July.

Burmese Monks Ven U Pannathami and Phra Thawin Klinghomgloythap of Burma spent the traditional Thai rains
retreat (vassa) at our Centre, beginning on the full moon day of 25 July 1983.

Regular mediation classes were held at 8 pm every Monday and Friday evenings. In December John Hughes began
full-time Dhamma Teaching at our Centre, continuing the active annual program of four meditation courses.

Dhamma talks given outside the Centre during the year included a Dhamma talk at the Victorian National
Gallery and another to the Doncaster West Jewish Scout Group.

John Hughes continued his work on the Schools Commission project, writing a 'Teacher’s Guide to Thai
Buddhism' and also on 'Japanese Buddhism — The Lotus Sutra'.

Our member Franny Sime was ordained as a Buddhist Nun on 25 Aug 1983 at Vajirama Temple in Sri Lanka. On 8
October, she attended the funeral of Scholar Monk Venerable Narada Maha Thera.

Chan painting classes were planned for commencement with Melva Fitzallen.

John Hughes visited China on a China Council grant from 30 August to 11 September. The twelves monasteries
he visited included the Jin Shang Temple Pagoda Gold Mountain (Chen Jiang). John received direct transmission
of Chan, and was presented with original Reisho Calligraphy for the formation of the Chan Academy by
Abbot `Snow Sadness' (seal name). John Hughes spent his birth anniversary in China, and was presented
with Bodhipathapradipa by Atisa Dipamkara Srijnana by the Buddhist Association of China in Beijing
(Peking)1983. He was also shown aspects of Buddhism in Hong Kong by the President of the World Fellowship
of Buddhists (WFB) Mr Ko Ping Yip on 12 September.

John Hughes requested information for a proposed history of Australian Buddhist groups and together with a
Student wrote an article about the approach to starting a Dhamma Centre, published in BDCU Newsletter No. 13,
December 1983.

John Hughes, assisted by a Student, composed a contact/mailing list of Australian Buddhist Centres. John also
proposed the building of a large Buddha image for Sherbrooke Forest.

Monday and Friday evening meditation was expanded with the addition of Wednesday mornings and annual Versak
celebrations. Members celebrated their birthdays with actions such as printing images from an ancient
Manjusri woodblock. Our Centre raised funds for overseas Buddhist orphanages.

Visitors to John D. Hughes and the Centre included Venerable Traleg Rinpoche.

John Hughes prepared a submission to the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs on ‘Dependent
Origination of ethnic, cultural and religious differences.'

Lama Yeshe passed away on 3 March.

A 6 day meditation course was held on 20 to 25 April on The Four Foundations of Mindfulness—Maha
Satipatthana Sutta. Meditation courses for individuals commenced.

John Hughes was invited to the 76th Birthday of the Most Venerable Maha Sanghananyaka Visuddhananda Mahathero
in Bangladesh. He continued to work on the Schools Commission project, writing a Teacher’s Guide on
‘Introduction of Buddhism into Japan from Korea’.

Chinese painting classes commenced on 11 July with ten students. Classes were free taught by John Hughes and
Melva Fitzallen.

John Hughes, accompanied by a Student, met with other Buddhists in New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT,
between 20 September and 7 October. During this meeting seven points for the solidarity of Buddhist groups
in Australia were discussed including that a World Fellowship of Buddhists Conference should be held in
Australia and the importance of translating Buddha Dhamma into English.

A foundation meeting was held for a Buddhist Meditation Retreat Centre.

John Hughes and 3 committee members attended Victorian Council of Social Service meeting concerning the
Fund-raising Appeal Bill 1984 concerning Buddhist groups not being legally recognised as 'religious groups'.

Members also attended a Katina Ceremony in Springvale on 20 October held by the Cambodian, Laotian and
Thai communities.

A Buddhist bibliography from the Theosophical Society Adyar Library using the Dewey system of classification
was presented to John D. Hughes, and taped recordings of Dhamma Teachings by John D. Hughes were made available at no charge.

A calligraphy exhibition at 'Stonnington', Toorak College, by Japanese Master Shozan was attended by several
Students, where they found their calligraphy Teacher Shigyoku Sensei. A tea ceremony Scroll by Shozan was
donated to the Chan Academy (in formation) by June Young.

The Southern Gate and 'Garden of Heavenly Teaching' calligraphy was opened by John D. Hughes.

The Asoka Lion was installed in February. The Northern Gate Tower was also completed this year. Visiting Monks
and Nuns during the year included Sister Ching Hua Uppalavanna, Vietnamese Monk Ven Thich Phuoc Nhon on
5 April, and the November 18 visit of Geshe Doga and Attendant Sandup Tsering.

A Dhamma Wheel carved in stone by Martin Lawless was mindfully put in place during Versak on 4 and 5 May.

John D. Hughes prepared submissions the Psychologists Bill 84, also referring to the Fundraising Appeal Bill,
Alternative Medicine According To Buddhist Practice and the Civil Celebrants Bill with regard to recognition
of Buddhism as a religion in Australia.

The Consultative Organization Review Project (CORP) system was implemented by John Hughes, assisted by
Members and analysis was carried out on Chan Academy, the Library, Centre Maintenance, Dhamma Objects
owned by the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd, Newsletter, Research Study, Company Administration, Centre Maintenance, Refuge Centre, liaison with other groups and social activities. Discussions were held on
expanding to a Forest Retreat Centre based on guidelines taught by Lama Yeshe.

The Company's 'Memorandum of Association' was instituted at the Annual General Meeting on 19 July, with the
basic objective of introducing a philosophy of life based on the Teachings of Buddha Dhamma. Company
directors were appointed.

By August, the Chan Academy was at the first stage of creating a Chan Painting Hall. The Hall was to be built by Members. John D. Hughes, Melva Fitzallen and June Young were appointed as Teachers. Our fundraising was
expanded to include Chan Painting artwork sales.

John D. Hughes continued his off-site Dhamma talks, visiting St. Joseph’s Catholic Boys School and
St. Vincent’s Boys Home during the year.

On 16 and 17 November, Members attended a Teaching at Tara House by Venerable Geshe Thubten Doga on rare Texts
of Nagarjuna, Chandrakirti and Lama Tsong Khapa.

Five-day meditation courses continued, and Students continued to practice on their birthdays.

In November, Member Leanne Eames attended the 18th one month Lam Rim Retreat at Kopan Monastery in Nepal.

Venerable Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche presented the Centre with three reproduction thangkas for the impending
Chan Academy Opening, which took place on 6 February. The Consul of Cultural Affairs, Venerable Traleg
Rinpoche, Master Andre Sollier,Master David Brown (Shakuhachi) and June Young opened the event.

The Chan Academy was opened by John David Hughes and Dr Constant Wong. A Calligraphy demonstration of was given
by Japanese Calligraphy Master Shigyoku and Resident Chan Painter Melba Fitzallen. Forty official guests
were presented with a gift of an original scrolled Chan Painting.

A Master Plan for future site development was completed and including a 2-storey Meditation Hall, landscaping,
on-site car parking and crisis accommodation. John Hughes gave his house freely for Buddhist practice.
A feasibility study was completed on a community employment program project on a Forest Retreat Centre.

Japan Seminar House opened in Vermont Victoria, where Chan Academy Members began attending Calligraphy classes
by Master Shigyoku Kitaoji.

Venerable Thich Phuoc Nhon conducted the first Meditation in the newly opened Chan Academy Hall, where the first five-day meditation course was held in June, taught by John Hughes and blessed by Venerable Thich Phuoc Nhon. Texts used were the Mangala Sutta and Surangama Sutra as primary sources for the Chan or Zen School, and
translation of the Diamond Sutra and Heart Sutra by Chan Master Han Shan.

John Hughes met the Panchen Lama on 9 May at a civic reception held at the Melbourne Town Hall, presenting to
him original Chinese Calligraphy given to John by 'Snow Sadness', the Abbott of Golden Mountain Monastery,
during his China visit.

On 12 May, John Hughes made a submission to the Copyright Law Review on potential difficulties with translated
Buddhist texts, and another later in the year on moderation of alcohol advertising on TV.

Past Member Franny Sime was ordained as Nun Ven Ching Hua Shih Uppalavanna in Taiwan, and was studying Mandarin
in Taipei. On 21 May, our Vice-President visited the Taiwan Institute for Sino-Indian Buddhist Studies to
see Venerable Ching Hua Uppalavanna and a Chan Painting Exhibition by Ven Shig Hui Wan.

A five-day meditation course was held on An Introduction to Abhidhamma, remembering gratitude to Scholars and
Monks and homage to Sir Monier Williams, who worked for 50 years on the publication of several
Sanskrit-English Dictionaries, completing his final edition in 1899, and died ten days after completing this
monumental task.

Visiting Teachers included Venerable Bhaddanta Nanissara of Burma in December.

On January 19, our committee members visited the World Fellowship of Buddhists Honorary Secretary General
Mr. Ruangskul in Bangkok.

The first anniversary of the Chan Academy was held on 6 February. During the year, activities of the Chan
Academy included, the first Andre Sollier sumi-e workshop on 5 July, a shodo (Japanese calligraphy)
workshop on 1 August, a shakuhachi workshop by David Brown on 5 September, a Chan painting workshop by John
Hughes on 16 September, and a two-day sumi-e painting workshop by Andre Sollier on 10-11 October.

English Literature classes commenced each Sunday at 10am, given by Joy Fratelle.

Members attended a Heruka Initiation at Tara Institute and later at Atisha Centre in Bendigo given by Lama Zopa
during his Australian tour.

John D. Hughes birthday on 9 September, also the 9th Anniversary of Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd, was
celebrated with a food offering to Monk Venerable Viriyananda at Thai Buddhist Temple Melbourne, a visit to
National Gallery of Victoria demonstration by Chinese Master Painter Mok-E-Den and lecture by Curator Mae
Anna Pang, attended by John D Hughes and Members. Geshe Doga was visited at Tara Institute and Altar and
Dhamma gifts were offered by students in the evening. Three white pigeons were released.

On 18 September, Members donated a Bronze Thai Temple Bell to the Centre. On 8 December 1987 the bell was
empowered by the Most Venerable Boonpeng and set at our Northern Gate.

On 9 November, the Hall was named the Venerable Dr Viriyananda Bhikkhu Meditation Hall.

The tenth anniversary of our five-day meditation courses occurred with the 27-31 December course, based on the
last Sutra taught by the Buddha before Paranirvana. Venerable Viriyananda presented our Centre with the
Buddha's 'Quail Protection Mantra'.

The second Anniversary of the Chan Academy was celebrated on 6 February with an exhibition by Chan students and a shakuhachi (Japanese flute) recital by David Brown. The celebration was attended by Lord Mayor of
Melbourne Councillor Lechie Ord, who was presented with a silver Dhamma Wheel Pin.

A Shozan calligraphy scroll was donated to the Chan Academy.

We published a pamphlet outlining the Centre's Mission and Events.

Members attended a Magha Puja Ceremony (gathering of Arahants after Buddha's death) at the Thai Buddhist Temple
in Box Hill on 2 March.

The Easter Meditation Course was held on 1 to 5 April on 'Caga' (pronounced 'charga') friendliness. The Chan
Pond was completed on 8 April.

On 12 April, Members attended a major Chan Painting Exhibition of paintings by Melba Fitzallen (Nielsen) held in
conjunction with Judge James Robinson L.L.M. opened at East-West Art Gallery in Malvern by the Honourable
Gough Whitlam.

The Kwan Yin Pond was built during the year, and the Centre hosted a visit by the Victorian Vietnamese Society.
A long life puja was held on 19 June for Tibetan translator Sandup Tsering.

The Consultative Organization Review Project (CORP) undertook to index all our Library books and produce a book
reprinting Key Articles from past Newsletters.

Members attended a Sakya Trizin Teaching at University of Melbourne on 5 June on 'Parting from the four

On August 18, Member Leanne Eames visited Scholar Dr Shoyu Hanayama, one of the editors of a 200-year project
to translate the entire Chinese Buddhist Canon into English, at the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai in Tokyo, Japan.

The Western Gate was completed on 23 August.

A proposed site plan was produced for the building of a new Meditation Hall.

A five-day Meditation Course was held on the Kessamutti Sutra, during which extra precepts were taken.

Ven Viriyananda and Monks, Phra Sudhep and Phra Maha Kongmy visited the Buddhist Discussiohn Centre (Upwey) Ltd,
and Members attended the Katina Ceremony at the Box Hill Temple.


On 6 January, two Members were ordained as Novices at an Ordination Ceremony at the Melbourne Thai Buddhist
Temple Inc. under Venerable Viriyananda.

On 29 January, World Fellowship of Buddhists Bangladesh President, the Most Venerable Vissuddhananda Mahathera
and Venerable Suddhananda arrived at our Centre and were greeted by John D. Hughes and 30 Members during an Australian visit.

A fundraiser and exhibition was held to celebrate the third anniversary of the Chan Academy.

The 24-28 March five-day Meditation Course was on 'Cultivation of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment'. A long
life Tara Puja was held for John D. Hughes, and the Centre was visited by Ven Viriyananda and Phra Saneh from Wat Dhammarangsee.

From 2-5 March, Master Seung Sahn, the 78th Zen Patriarch of the Korean order of Chogye, taught at Buddhist
Discussion Centre Centre (Upwey) Ltd and presented large Calligraphy Masterpieces painted in the
Chan Academy to John D. Hughes, one of which read 'Zengo', meaning 'Buddha—Empty mind.'

An ongoing program of Andre Sollier workshops commenced at the Chan Academy. Phra Saneh of Wat Dhammarangsee did
Chan Painting at the Chan Academy during The Way of the Brush/The Way of Scholars workshop on 10 June.

Publication began of the internal monthly newsletter, the Brooking Street Bugle.

On 20 August, John D. Hughes and Venerable Viriyananda visited the new Tibetan Centre at Yuroke, the Spiritual
Director of which is Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden.

On 29 October, a Chan Academy Long Life day was attended by 13 Monks, and John D. Hughes laid the foundation
stone for the new Meditation Hall. The Eastern Gate was constructed during this year.

In November 1989, Chan Academy Students gained their first awards at the Nitten Calligraphy Exhibition in Japan
under the guidance and tutelage of Shigyoku Sensei.

The first Eastern Gate was completed during this year.

On Australia Day, January 26, Dr. Venerable Viriyananda Mahathero, Abbot of Melbourne Thai Buddhist Temple
Inc. became the first Thai Monk to obtain Australian citizenship.

On 4 February, a Chan Academy Long Life Day was held. Melba Fitzallen and June Young gained their first formal
awards from the Nitten Calligraphy Competition in Japan, and Shigyoku Sensei moved from 22nd position to
12th position for the high standard of work submitted by her foreign (non-Japanese) students. The Chan
Wall at our centre was also completed on 4 February.

In March, our publishing program was revised to produce a single publication—The Buddha Dhyana Dana Review.
A new printing press swung into action.

On March 30, the Centre was visited by Venerable Madihe Pannasiha Mahanayaka Thera of Sri Lanka.

In this year, the Centre was accepted as a Regional Centre of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB). `A World
Directory of Buddhist Organisations' from the 16th conference of the WFB in the US was donated to the

A five-day Meditation Course was held on 13-17 April on Samma Samadhi—Right Meditation, on 21-25 September
on the Dragon King Sutra, and from 27 December on Removing Trusts, Beliefs and Values from Body, Speech and
Mind. The internal extension to the Chan Hall was also completed during April.

To celebrate Versak, Members participated in a long-life puja with visualization of Avalokitesvara, with a full
moon meditation and truth asseveration on 10 May. Food offerings were made to seven Monks from seven
Buddhist Temples in Melbourne who visited our Centre for the occasion of Versak.

Phra Atikarn Boonlay Chiradhammo stayed at our Centre for the Rains Retreat in 1990, where he was attended by
our Members.

Andre Sollier conducted a workshop on The Way of the Brush.

John D. Hughes' 60th birthday was celebrated with a Way of the Brush Chan Academy Exhibition, which included
calligraphy by Shigyoku Sensei. Ven Viriyananda and Geshe Thubten Loden offered their congratulations and
a Booklet Accolades of John Hughes was published.

1990 was International Literacy Year, in the spirit of which plans were made to introduce a computer system for

our Library.

In March, Volume 1, Number 1 of the new Buddha Dhyana Dana Review was published. The Chan Academy Newsletter
was also published in this month in its new format.

Twelve sub-committees were set up to be responsible for: (1) Company Policy and Business Administration,
(2) Library Auxiliary, (3) Study, Research and Dhamma Objects, (4) Liaison with Other Organizations,
(5) Resource Usage, (6) Dana & Sales, (7) Chan Academy, (8) Maintenance, (9) Meditation and Counselling,
(10) Publishing and Newsletter, (11) WFB Regional Centre, and (12) Refuge Centre.

On 26 May, thirteen Monks from the Melbourne Thai Buddhist Temple, Wat Dhammanives, Wat Buddharangsee, Wat Lao
and Wat Dhammaram attended the our Centre to give blessings for Versak, and performed
a `Dotting the eye of the Buddha Image' ceremony.

Members visited Thailand, India and Nepal with Venerable Viriyananda including the four holy Buddhist sites
in India and Nepal.

A television documentary was filmed about the Chan Academy, with narrative provided by John D. Hughes
and Members, and a demonstration of Chan painting by Melba Fitzallen. A stall of Chan paintings was held
at the Tibetan Festival at the Tibetan Buddhist Society Temple at Yuroke.

The 29 March–2 April five-day Meditation Course was on the 'Ten Necessary Joyful Services in the 52 Stages
of a Bodhisattva".

John Hughes gave a lecture at Deakin University on 'A Buddhist's Perspective on the Teachings of Christ'.

Bhikkhu Santitthito, German-born and Thai-trained, gave his blessings to our Centre, while Bhante Kassapa Thera
undertook his second vassa (rains retreat) at our Centre starting 24 August, and was appointed Sangha Patron
for the Centre on 21 October.

We continued to raise money for Bangladesh orphanages, and during October, donated Bodhi tree seed sprouted in
agar solution.

On John Hughes' 61st birthday, Chan Academy workshops were given on Stretching Rice Paper and The Care of the
Four Friends. Melva Fitzallen presented John with calligraphy of 'Chop Wood, Carry Water'.

John Hughes' editorial in BDDR Vol. 1, No. 4, was on 'Printed and electronic library systems for conserving
precious Dhamma Books'.

John D. Hughes announced he would begin teaching the Prajna Paramita in 100,000 lines for 3 years and 3 moons
within the next three months.

The 27-31 December five-day Meditation Course was taught by Venerable Kassapa Mahathera, Venerable Dr.
Viriyananda Mahathera and John D. Hughes. Bhante Kassapa arranged the New Year's Eve recital of a rare
Bell Puja.

1992 On 7 March, Members welcomed 120 Sangha and lay people on a Vietnamese pilgrimage of visits to Melbourne Buddhist Temples.

The Deva of Australia Pond was completed on 3 April. Participants in the 17-21 April five-day Meditation Course
constructed a new Easterly Pond with its protector Deva Arakka Arannaka, protector of people in places of
solitude. A further Meditation Course was conducted on the theme of 'No Slander'.

Members attended the 1992 Melbourne visit of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama as security, drivers and
fundraisers during May.

On May 25, weekly preparatory classes for the forthcoming teachings on Prajna Paramita were given by John Hughes.

A water tank was installed in conjunction with the long-life practice of no killing.

John D. Hughes and Members went to the summit of Mt. Donna Buang with Sri Lankan Monks where a snow stupa
was built.

Bodhi trees were planted at our Centre on 9 June, and the International Buddhist Library Directory
survey was conducted.

Eminent visitors to the Centre included U Sayyadaw Ashin Thumanathagara on 8 June, and U Pujadassi Mathero
on 10 August.

Master Lin visited John Hughes 62nd Birthday Puja held on 9 September. On that day, John was in Bangladesh
visiting the Dhammarajika Buddhist Monastery and Orphanage.

A delegation of our Members attended the 18th Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists in Taiwan in
Members visited the Bao Vuong Vietnamese Temple Inc. with Venerable Viriyananda.

The 27-31 December five-day Meditation Course was held on 'Suitable causes and conditions for practising
Buddha Dhamma'. Monks visiting the Centre during the Course included Venerable Viriyananda, Venerable
Soma, Venerable Dhammadharo, Venerable Dhammaviriyo and Venerable Kassapa.

Bhante Kassapa presented his Bodhisattva vows on 16 January and became Bodhi Kassapa.

The 7th Anniversary of the Chan Academy was celebrated on 6 February, and a plaque was installed in the South
Gate to celebrate the occasion. Sumi-e classes with Andre Sollier continued throughout the year, Chan
Painting classes several times each week.

On 8 March, John D. Hughes and Chan Academy Members participated in the Water Moomba River Pageant, and were
allocated a barge for their activities.

John D. Hughes organised a long-life puja for Venerable Viriyanada on March 21.

We computerised our systems with the introduction of numerous computers and relevant software.

On 17 April, John Hughes gave a Dhamma talk at the Springvale Community Centre on the occasion of Buddhist
New Year celebrations that was translated into Singhalese.

Visitors to the Centre during the year included Venerable Smien Phosrithong of Buddha Vihara Melbourne, and
Phra Saneh.

John also prepared a submission for the Government Inquiry into the Organisation and Funding of Research in
the Higher Sector.

John D. Hughes began teaching The Prajna Paramita in 100,000 lines every Monday evening, for three years and
three moons. Regular Monday and Friday night Meditation Classes continued.

Competency standards were developed for improved organization and management at our Centre.

The 60th issue of the Brooking Street Bugle was printed in its new format. A goal was established to create
an online computer database rich in information and easy to access.

The December five-day Meditation Course was preceded on December 26 by chanting and an explanation of
the Prajnaparamita Sutra, or The Heart Sutra, by Mr. Francisco So.

From January, the newly formatted Brooking Street Bugle, changed as part of the operational culture of the
Centre, began to report on policies and activities of our Centre as a World Fellowship of Buddhists
Regional Centre, and serve as a bridging mechanism to link others into our networks and events. The hope was
stated that The Brooking Street Bugle would flow towards a Buddhist Australian Year Book to be available
on an electronic database.

Members welcomed the Vietnamese pilgrimage to the Centre in February.

An International Chan Art Exhibition was held on 23 April. Mr Bob Charles, MP, attended and pigeons were
liberated as part of the ceremony.

On 2 May, Venerable Dhammaishari from Sri Lanka, Venerable Dhammadharo from Springvale, and Venerable Soma
from Noble Park and The Most Venerable Madihe Pannaseeha Maha Nayaka Thera visited the Centre. Geshe Ngawang
Jangchu from Goman Monastery, India, also visited. John Hughes offered Atisha Relics to him on the
occasion of his visit.

The Padmasambhava shelter was completed on 14 May. Construction of the Padmasambhava Image proceeded to plan.

Venerable Viriyananda and Bhante Naotunne Vijitha visited the Centre on the evening of the first day of the June
five-day Meditation Course.

In November, John D. Hughes and Members attended the 19th World Fellowship of Buddhists Conference held in

When asked what they thought were the most significant events over the history of our Centre, six long-time
Members said 1. Hours of practice, 2. Teaching leading to practice, 3. Founder's Day (John Hughes' 60th
Birth Anniversary), 4. Teaching Members how to learn, 4. The visit of the Most Venerable Boonpeng Mahathera,
and 6. The Opening of the Chan Academy.

Ongoing five-day Meditation Courses, including one on the theme of 'Cultivating Stamina for Dana'. Chan Academy
workshops taught by John D. Hughes, Sumi-e classes taught by Andre Sollier as well as weekly meditation
classes taught by John D. Hughes continued throughout the year. John Hughes continued to teach The
Prajnaparamita in 100,000 lines in weekly Monday evening classes. This Teaching was scheduled for completion
in August 1995.

John Hughes visited Bangladesh for the cremation of his old friend His Holiness Most Venerable Mahasanghanayaka
Visuddhananda Mahathero on 11-13 January. While in Bangladesh, John viewed Bangla-painted portraits of past
Ajarns of the Burmese Theravadin Bhavana tradition in the smaller viharas of the Chittagong Hills area.
He was given an evening reception by the Mayor of Chittagong and presented with a plaque bearing the
City Logo.

The Mayor of Shanghai, whom John Hughes met in 1983, made a special visit to the Centre bearing special Chinese

The Vietnamese community were welcomed for their annual pilgrimage to the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd.

On 17 April, Venerable Soma Thera visited to open the Technical Paper Archives.

The Centre continued to acquire the necessary hardware and software for the continued development of electronic
databases of written Dhamma materials and Buddhist images. The print version of the Buddha Dhyana Dana
Review is now posted to recipients in over 40 countries free of charge.

On Founder's Day on 9 September, a ceremony was held to mark the end of the round of three years and three
months of Teachings of Prajnaparamita in 100,000 lines. The ceremony involved offerings, the reading of a
paper on the Prajnaparamita Teaching at our Centre, placement of Prajnaparamita article, texts and objects
in the base of the Padmasambhava Image, recitation of the revised mantra and sharing of the merits.

Construction of the Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) Image continued.

Library holdings were estimated at 2,500 books, 500 journals and 3,200 newsletters. Around 140 computer files of
Buddha Dhyana Dana Review and Brooking Street Bugle articles were available in electronic format, in
addition to 150 videos and 400 audiotapes of Buddhist events.

On November 12, John Hughes and Members attended a ceremony at Inh-Young Temple in Narre Warren to install a
large Goddess of Mercy image.

On November 19, John D. Hughes and six Members attended a 1,000-arm and 1,000-eye Avalokitesvara purification,
blessing and deliverance ceremony at Collingwood Town Hall presided over by Conducting Vajra Master
Lian-Tze of the True Buddha School in Seattle, which is under the guidance of His Holiness Living
Buddha Lian Shen.

A Local Area Network was set up for Members' use. During 'Catalogue Week', held during the 27-31 December
five-day Meditation Course, Members were involved in transferring the John D. Hughes Collection Catalogue
from a file card to an electronic catalogue format.

Regular Meditation and Chan classes were held throughout the year.

On 6-7 January, Phra Santitthito led John D. Hughes and Members in a ceremony at Buddhist Discussion Centre
(Upwey) Ltd. for the installation of hair relics of Myanmar Arhat Venerable U Santima on the Main Altar.

John Hughes completed a paper on finding the most appropriate words to use in English to correspond to Buddhist Pali words, to be used by and for persons using English as a second language.

On 14 January, Phra Santitthito, John Hughes and Members attended a tree planting ceremony at Kinglake in
preparation for a new Temple on the 35-acre site arranged by Master Lin Kuei Sen.

Venerable Pannyavaro, director of BuddhaNet, agreed to include the Buddha Dhyana Dana Review in BuddhaNet's
Buddhist Information Service.

On 18 February, blessings form Cakkavati and retinue were accepted at Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd
in a special ceremony.

During the year, the main house was restumped and a second water tank was installed.

On 24 February, John Hughes was Guest Speaker at a Rama Krishna Puja held in Nunawading. On 25 February,
Venerable Thich Tinh Dao, Abbot of Ling Son Temple, Reservoir, visited the BDCU during the annual Vietnamese
Pilgrimage to Buddhist Temples in Victoria.

The April five-day Meditation Course held 5-9 April was on the Mangala Sutta. Mr. Francisco So led the
Bhaisaijya Guru Vaitureya Prabha Rajaya Tathagata Puja Prayer Ritual in the first day of the
Course. Venerable Dipaloka of the Buddhist Society of Victoria visited the Centre on 8 April.

On 7 May, a new 16-armed, 116 cm Tzun-Tir Buddha Form Image from Thailand was installed.

Dr. Venerable Viriyananda, Venerable Bounmy Souriyo, Venerable Phra Yoi Pussiyo, Bodhi Kassapa and others wrote
accolades for John Hughes for the occasion of his 66th Birth Anniversary on 9 September. Eminent visitors
included Master Ru Sun, Venerable Fu Tung and Bikkhuni Yen-e of Inh-Young Temple, Venerable Viriyananda,
Venerable Sucitto, Master Ngoc Long of Phap An Buddhist Centre and Master Lin Kuen Sen.

The Dalai Lama gave Teachings in Melbourne during September.

The Buddha Lila (walking Buddha), which arrived with two sitting Buddhas and a reclining Buddha, was
installed at the Centre in September. The installation ceremony was blessed by the presence of eminent
Sangha. John D. Hughes and visiting members of the Sangha gave Teachings during the December five-day Meditation Course, including Venerable Phramaha Kasem Khamasangsee.

In January, a major forest fire came within one kilometre of the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd. Members
followed the implementation of the pre-planned system for bushfire prevention and control. This fire
prompted the purchase of additional equipment to enhance the Centre's fire protection.

On Wednesday 12 February, John D. Hughes gave a Buddha Dhamma talk entitled 'Life Wasn't Meant to be Easy' at
the Theosophical Society in Launceston, Tasmania.

Over the weekends of 8-9 February and 15-16 February, eight Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhist Centres and Temples
visited on their annual pilgrimage as part of New Year celebrations. Visiting Monks and Nuns included
Venerable Thich Chan Kim, Venerable Thich Dong Chuan, Venerable Thich Tam Phuong, Venerable Thich Thien Tam,
Venerable Thich Tinh Dao, Venerable Thich Tinh Minh and Master Ngoc Long.

Members set up a Healing Buddha Altar in John D. Hughes hospital room as he recovered from a heart attack in
March. Many Monks visited the hospital to offer their blessings. John was discharged and began teaching a
five-day Meditation Course six days later, on 28 March, on the theme 'Contentment'. On 31 March, Mr.
Francisco So conducted a one-day puja on ''The Sukhavati-Vyuha Sutra Puja Prayer Ritual'.

Venerable Dr. Viriyananda gave a Dhamma Talk on Versak, 22 May. Venerable Bounmy, Venerable Kem, Venerable
Khamphan, Phra Pannanando and Venerable Viengxay also attended.

John Hughes and many Members attended Teachings and Initiations given by His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin on
14-15 June.

The second Eastern Gate was erected in June.

Vietnamese Sangha performed traditional chanting and Master Lin offered a piece of Chinese calligraphy to
John D. Hughes on the occasion of Founder's Day, with Members offering lunch to numerous Sangha guests.

Six Sumi-e classes were held with Andre Sollier through the year. John Hughes taught Chan on the last
Saturday of each month. The Buddha Dhyana Dana Review continued to be published as a triannual publication. Visitors to the Centre during the year included Master Ru Sun, Lama Tsultrim Nyima, Dungyud Rinpoche and Venerable Ajith Bhikku. John Hughes and Members attended numerous openings at other Temples, including a new
Meditation Hall at Buddha Vihara Victoria and the Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery and Welfare Centre.

The Centre's Librarian attended five days per fortnight preparing material for entry into an electronic

Members revitalised the Centre’s image of Padmasambhava by repainting the lotus base and providing him
with new robes and a head covering prior to the December five-day Meditation Course. The Centre’s
traditional bell puja was held on New Year’s Eve.

Over 1,000 Chinese and Vietnamese pilgrims visited during Chinese New Year.

In January, we began broadcasting a regular one-hour weekly radio program from Knox FM radio station at Bayswater, Victoria 88.1FM every Sunday. Broadcasts include Teachings from John D. Hughes and chanting of
Buddhist Mantras by Members.

On April 6, our President attended the 57th World Fellowship of Buddhists Executive Council Meeting in Bangkok.

John Hughes began publishing chapters of his forthcoming text entitled ''The Library You Are Looking For' in
the Buddha Dhyana Dana Review.

In April, Members arranged the altars, prepared food, cleaned and facilitated at the Kagyu Centre for Teachings given by Her Eminence Jetsun Kushola, the sister of His Holiness. Sakya Trizin.

The LAN was introduced for Member use in June, designed for internal company use with controlled information
access. The number of available computers rose from two in 1990 to 35 in 1998. Our first internet site was
established at www.bdcu.org, and Members affirmed the intention to increase our capability to publish and
retrieve Buddha Dharma electronically.

Jocelyn Hughes and Julie O’Donnell attended a retreat with Ratu Agung Sri Acarya Vajra Kumara Pandji

Founder’s Day on 9 September was based on the theme of ‘tolerance’, and incorporated a

Founder's Day Convivium and a Chan Academy exhibition of John Hughes paintings. The September five-day
Bhavana course was based on the text ‘How to Get Good Results from Doing Merit’ by Venerable
Plien Panyapatipo.

On 12 September, Andre Sollier gave a talk on the relationship between Chan Painting and Buddhism.

John Hughes and many Members attended the 20th General Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists at the
Nan Tien Temple in Berkeley, NSW, in November. John Hughes prepared a discussion paper for the Conference
on 'Buddha Dhamma and Challenges in the 21st Century', also published in Chinese, and presented a gift of calligraphy to Master Hsing Yun at the Conference. Members acted as rapporteurs and gave administrative
assistance throughout the Conference. At the Conference, The Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd. was
approved by the World fellowship of Buddhists delegates to operate as an Associated Institution of the World
Buddhist University in the role of An Approved Associated Centre for Spiritual Training of the World
Buddhist University.

Visitors to the Centre during this year included Master Ru Sun and Venerable Phuoc Tang.

Works were undertaken to enclose the front verandah, and a new entrance and library reading room were
constructed during the December five-day Bhavana (Meditation) Course.

On Tuesday 5 January, the Phar Buddhaxay Image arrived at our Centre.

The Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd's internal publication, The Brooking Street Bugle (BSB) was revived
on 15 February, after a lapse of four years. The last edition of the first series was published on 9
January, 1995.

Members of ten Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhist organisations in Victoria visited between 19 February and
28 March as part of their New Year's celebrations.

Early in the year, our nine semi-autonomous Development Work Groups were replaced with four Task Units:
Local Area Planning and Asset Management (LAPAM), International Dhamma Activities (IDA), Corporate Governance
and Reporting (CGR) and Knowledge Management (KM).

The April five-day Bhavana Course was on the 'Seven Factors of Enlightenment'.

John Hughes began teaching the Prajnaparamita Sutra on the New Moon day of 16 February each Tuesday, and
continued for three years and three moons.

Chan classes were again taught by John Hughes and Sumi-e classes by Andre Sollier throughout the year at the
Chan Academy. The theme for Sumi-e paintings for the year was 'The Buddha'. Andre painted a series of
eight Buddhas for the classes, and a limited edition calendar featuring Chan paintings by John D. Hughes was published.

John D. Hughes received news that he was awarded the Visuddhananda Peace Award 1999 by the Visuddhananda
Peace Foundation of Bangladesh. A delegation of eight members of the Visuddhananda Peace Foundation, led
by The Most Venerable U Pandita Mahathero planned to visit our Centre on 5 January 2000 to present the award.

Members made merit for the June five-day Bhavana Course on Yoniso Manasikara (Systematic Attention) by attending
to Venerable Dhammadaro, in residence at the Centre at the time.

John Hughes attended the 59th World Fellowship of Buddhists Executive Council Meeting at the World Fellowship of
Buddhists (WFB) Headquarters on 17-18 June in Bangkok.

Members Jocelyn Hughes and Vanessa Mcleod journeyed to Mongolia during July where they visited monasteries,
meditated and met with friends made at past WFB Conferences.

Founder's Day on 9 September was attended by Master Ru Sun, Venerable Phuoc Thang, Venerable Viriyananda,
Andre Sollier, Bodhi Kassapa, Master Lin, Monks from Sri Lankan and Cambodian Temples, and 27 Members.

On 9-11 September, the 1999 Convivium of Living Knowledge Heritage was held.

On Saturday 17 October, Members attended the opening of the Sanghaloka Forest Hermitage in Kallista.

Eminent visitors to the Centre included Gyuto Monks Tsawang, Sonam, Thubten Yeshe, Yeshe Konchok and Tashi,
and Sister M. Uppalawanna from Sri Lanka, a student of Venerable Ayya Kema. Sister Uppalawanna's translation
of the Satipatthana Sutta was published in the Buddha Dhyana Dana Review.

Suite 11 and the Golden Pavilion were completed on 22 June, and the 2nd Southern Gate was finished on 19 October.
A third water tank was also installed.

On Sunday 6 January, Members Julian Bamford and Jan Bennett were ordained as Samaneras (novice Monks) for
two weeks, at Wat Dhammaram in Springvale, under the guidance of Venerable Dhammadaro.

On Friday 21 January, the Centre celebrated the opening of the Geological Museum @ Upwey and the Sealing of
the Millennium Time Capsule.

The Dragon King Shrine was opened on 5 February. Members of ten Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhist organizations in
Victoria visited between 7 and 20 February.

On 2 March, the Phra Chaiyaporn Pasurt Buddha Rupa the Golden Buddha) was installed on the Golden Pavillion in the garden.

The April five-day Bhavana Course was on 'Approaching Boundless Light by Remembering our Heritage and Averting
from Tarnished Light'.

John Hughes began publishing chapters of his forthcoming text entitled ''The Library you are Looking for' in the
Buddha Dhyana Dana Review.

An enclosure was built for the Bodhi Tree.

A permit was obtained to build the Sariputta Room and construction commenced on 24 April.

Sangha attending our 19 May Versak celebrations included Venerable Master Ru Sun, Venerable Thich Nguyen
Tang, Venerable Hara and Venerable Leuw Suk Wanara.

Teacher Andre Sollier prepared a series of ox herding paintings entitled 'Searching for the Ox' as the basis
for the 2000 Sumi-e classes.

Chan classes, five-day Bhavana Courses, the Buddhist Hour Radio Broadcast, Prajnaparamita Teachings and
regular Meditation classes continued throughout the year. John Hughes celebrated his 70th Birth Anniversary
on Founder's Day on 9 September.

A new stupa was built in the garden, where John Hughes' ashes were later installed.

During John Hughes' attendance at the 21st General Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists in Bangkok,
Thailand, he was presented with a Buddha Image by Venerable U. Pandita Mahathero.

The Centre received a large Reclining Buddha Image. This image is housed in the Chan Garden.

The Honourable John Howard the Prime Minister of Australia sent a message in support of the celebration of
Versak, and offered his best wishes to all the Buddhist community. This Versak year was nominated as the
International Buddhist Year of Metta (Loving Kindness) and was observed by reciting the Diffusion of Metta
at the end of teachings, meetings etc.

John D. Hughes was a venerated guest at the Zen Painting and Chinese Calligraphy exhibition by Kim Hoa Tram
at the Chinese Museum in Melbourne and was invited to give the opening address.

The Centenary of Federation and Celebration of Versak 2544 BE Opening Ceremony at the Yun Yang temple was
attended John D. Hughes and other Members.

A Puja and Installation Ceremony was held in honour of the 3 new Prajna Paramita images. These were installed
in the library, the Sariputa room and in the Bodhi Tree enclosure outside. These images were made by a
craftsman in India for the first time in 50 years and were last requested to be made by His Holiness the
Dalai Lama and were brought from India to our Centre by the Gyoto monks.

The 5th of July marked the 80th Buddhist Hour Broadcast.

John D. Hughes and many members attended a teaching and empowerment by His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche.
Gifts were given and blessings were received by this great being who is a teacher to some of the greatest
Tibetan spiritual leaders of our time, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama and His Holiness Sakya Trizin.

The International Conference on Religious Cooperation was held in Taiwan and was attended by John D. Hughes
and Anita Svensson. Members were present as representatives of our Centre at temple openings for the Dhamma
Sarana in Keysborough and the Quang Duc Temple in Fawkner. Members also attended a Kathina Ceremony and
offered robes to the Sangha on behalf of our Centre.

Some of the visitors during the year were Venerable Bhante Kassapa, Bikkhuni Kusuma, Master Lin and Ajarn

On the 9th of February John D. Hughes attende0d the World Buddhist University (WBU) International Conference on
Buddhism and World Peace in Thailand. The third council of the WBU was held and we were admitted as an
Associated Institution.

Over the years John D. Hughes had built up a wonderful collection of precious stones and fossils which were
kept as a private Geological Museum. This year this Geological Museum became available on the internet.

John D. Hughes and Students attended the Australasian Buddhist Convention Conference which was the first event
of its kind to be held in Australia. Buddhist teachers from all traditions gathered, some from as far away
as the U.S and Sri Lanka.

During February the great Phra Ajarn Plien Panyapatipo from Thailand visited Melbourne again and many Members
went to the Bodhivana Monastary in Warburton to offer dana and pay respects.

The first Abhidhamma class of a 9 year program was held on the 25th June and would be conducted weekly by
John D. Hughes.

Construction of a New Kitchen and Dining Room as a private extension was commenced in July. Planning for this
new building had started in June 2001. John D. Hughes and Anita Svensson were married on the 9th September.

Founders day 9th September was marked by the 6th Chan Exhibition and its 2nd Chan Painting auction.

The Kathina Ceremony held at The Melbourne Thai Buddhist Temple Inc. was attended by Students and robes were
offered to the 14 Buddhist Monks attending. Sakyamuni Buddha Vihara, Berwick also had a Kathina Ceremony in
October which was attended by Members and was broadcasted on Community television.

The World Fellowship of Buddhists 22nd General Conference held in Selangor, Malaysia, from the 9 to 13 December
2002 was attended by Evelin Halls, Rilla Pargeter, Julie O'Donnell, Pennie White, Peter Boswell and
Julian Bamford.

Pujas were conducted as tradition every year by Fransico So, this year Kalachakra Tantra Puja, Hevajra Tantra
Puja, Surangama Puja and Prajna Paramita Puja.

Some of the other events attended by Members were the Cambodian Buddhist New Year and the opening of
Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara in Berwick.

On 13th February Sogyal Rinpoche taught to a large audience of 850 people in Melbourne. John and Anita Hughes
attended the talk as special guests and several members were present.

Buddhist Foundation of (Vic) Australia Symposium "Health & Healing: The Buddhist Perspective" was
held in April attended by John and Anita Hughes and other students. Teachings were given by Venerable
Mahinda and Lama Choedak Rinpoche.

Venerable Dhammavihari from Sri Lanka visited and delivered a Dhamma talk during the Easter 5-day Bhavana

In July Master Ru Sun of the Yun Yang Temple visited. As a very close friend of John’s Master Ru Sun
offered to conduct a Puja for the health of John Hughes. The Earth Store Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha) Puja
was held at the Yun Yang Temple on the 31st August and John D. Hughes, Anita Hughes, Julie O'Donnell and
other Students attended.

Venerable Dhammadharo and Venerable Dhammarakito visited and blessed our Teacher John D. Hughes and his wife
Anita Hughes.

Many events were attended throughout the year including the Ullambana Dharma Ceremony at the Yun Yang Temple and
the official opening of the Quang Duc Monastery in Fawkner.

After a long illness and several protracted periods of treatment and care in hospital John D. Hughes passed
away at 5.50pm on Saturday the 29 November. John D. Hughes’s funeral was held on the 6 December and
was attended by Master Ru Sun and many monks, nuns, and past and present students and friends.

Members attended the Wat Dhammarangsee to pay respects, offer dana and listen to teachings when 35 Buddhist
Monks from Australia wide and Thailand came for a biannual meeting. One of the purposes of the meeting was
to discuss the development and future planning of the Australian Thai Buddhist Temples in this Thai Buddhist

The Australian Buddhist General Conference, was held 20 to 22 February 2004 at Victoria University and was
entitled 'Engaging Buddhism in Australia'. Members were present and involved as a Regional Centre of
the World Fellowship of Buddhists.

Members attended the teaching and made offerings to His Eminence Ludig Khenchen Rinpoche when he came to
Melbourne in March.

On Sunday 18 April 2004, Life Member Rodney Johnson was ordained as a Novice Monk by Master Ru Sun at the
Yun Yang Temple in Narre Warren and received the Dhamma name of Master Zen E Kun Hsin.

The Belgrave South Scout Group visited in June and were given a tour of the Temple and a Dhamma talk
entitled "What is Buddha Dhamma?".

Weekly Thangka Painting Classes with Julie O’Donnell commenced on 26 June.

A life size image of our late Master John D. Hughes was built by members and stands in the dining hall. The image
was finished and ready for the 25th Founders Day celebration. This occasion was attended by Venerable
Bhante Kassapa and other venerable monks. Dana was offered and blessings were given by the Sangha members.

29th November marked the one year death anniversary of Master John D Hughes.

The teaching program continued with the 5 day Bhavana courses, regular pujas by Puja Master Fransisco So,
Abhidhamma classes, weekly guided meditation by Venerable Monks and Sumi-e painting classes by Master Andre

The Second World Buddhist Summit was held from the 30 November to 2 December 2004 at Lumbini, Nepal, the sacred Birthplace of Lord Buddha - the Great Apostle of Peace. Member Mr. Peter Boswell attended the Summit and read
the paper titled "Lumbini: 'A Symbol of Unity in Diversity - The Foundation of World Peace'" Members were again blessed by the opportunity to visit and offer dana to the great Ajarn Plien Panyapatipo from

Visitors to our Centre included Venerable Dhammadharo and five other Venerable Monks. Two Korean Nuns, Dae Wol
Sunim and Sang Hoo Sunim, Venerable Medhanandi, a Canadian Nun residing in New Zealand who delivered a
Dhamma talk, Lama David Christensen from the Odiyana Tibetan Nyingma Buddhist Centre in Hawthorn and Master
Lin from the Kinglake Temple.

Chinese New Year was celebrated on the 12th February with the visiting of many Vietnamese lay persons from some
of Melbourne’s Vietnamese Buddhist Temples. For many years we hosted the Vietnamese community to
visit for New Year and this year we received approximately three hundred and fifty guests. Many friends and
Members came to help by welcoming guests, making offerings, and serving drinks and refreshments.

Buddhist Nun Ajaan Thanasanti visited in March and delivered a Dhamma talk. The theme of the talk was anatta:
no self.

Weekly Dhamma teaching classes were conducted from June at the Dandenong Ranges Cultural Community Centre, for
the local community and taught by Anita Hughes and Frank Carter. Each class commenced with a Dhamma talk
and followed by guided meditation led by Venerable Monks including Venerable Wimalananda, Venerable
Upatissa, Venerable Awloka, special guests and other members of the Sangha.

Planning permit for the new hall was issued by the Shire of Yarra Ranges Council.

Abbot of the Temple, Anita Hughes and Frank Carter were married on 23rd October.

The driveway of the premises was widened to allow for parallel car parking.

A program for digitisation of the recordings of John D. Hughes Dhamma teachings was launched.

Regular Pujas and the Five Day Bhavana Courses were done as part of the yearly Dhamma practice. Versak and
Founders were also celebrated with members, the offering of dana to venerable monks, chanting and
World Buddhist Radio, a concept created by John D. Hughes was developed and implemented by a new Student,
Alec Sloman.

Our Members began construction of our new hall, the John D. Hughes Dhamma Cetiya – Meditation Hall and
Library started in February. This project has taken 20 years to come to fruition after its initial
conception and wish from Master John D. Hughes.

Saturday was nominated as Members' day and was often spent with many Members lending a helping hand to build
the Meditation Hall.

In April a delegation of five travelled to Kaoshing, Taipei to meet once again with friends from around the
world at The World Fellowship of Buddhists 42nd General Conference.

Venerable Phra Income from Thailand visited the Wat Thai Nakorn Temple in Elgar Road, Box Hill. Many Members
went to offer dana and receive blessings and healings.

Venerable Khentrul Rinpoche taught a weekly program on the precious Preliminary Teachings of the Kalachakra.

In October the weekly Radio Broadcast which has been operating every week since 1998 at Knox FM located in
Bayswater moved to the new radio station in Emerald, Mountain District Radio 3MDR 97.1

World Buddhist Radio was launched with the goal of bringing 24 hour Dhamma broadcasting from many Buddhist
Teachers and Traditions via the World Wide Web.

Our 1000 Buddhas Sponsorship project to raise funds for the hall construction was commenced.

The Meditation Hall, now at frame stage was visited by 10 Buddhist Thervada monks who sat inside and conducted
a large blessing.

A Dhamma teaching was organised at the Dandenong Ranges Cultural Community Centre in November. The Teacher for
the evening was Cambodian Master Agga Pandit Buth Savong. Four monks attended the Teaching: Venerable
Sambathsam, Venerable Peo Liv, Venerable Awloka and a visiting monk from Canada. Amongst our own Members
there were 50 members from the Wat Buddharangsee Temple in Springvale.

Members participated in events run by other Temples including the Buddha's Day in May 2006 held by the Buddhas
Light International, Versak Celebrations at Karbayaye Burmese Buddhist Temple in Noble Park and
ceremonies at Wat Dhammaram in Springvale, and Yun Yang Temple in Narre Warren. A stall was also held at
the Tibetan Buddhist Societies Buddhist Festival in Yuroke.

Robes were offered to the Sangha by 10 Members that attended the Kathina ceremony organised by The Melbourne
Thai Buddhist Temple Inc.

Applied Buddhism and Abhidhamma classes were taught at our Centre by Dr Thel Thong.

Frank Carter and Alec Sloman were presented with special gifts of name seals on the anniversary of Anita and

Frank's wedding.

A sausage sizzle was conducted at Bunnings for the first time to raise funds.

A continuing project since the early 1980’s has been the ongoing support of children at the Dhammarajika
Buddhist Orphanage in Bangladesh through Members raising funds, which are regularly transferred to the
orphanage. Funds raised in 2006 was $2450.

Chinese New Year was celebrated with the visit of hundreds of Buddhist devotees from Chinese and Vietnamese

Ongoing fundraisers conducted during the year and for many past years included Christmas, Valentines Day and
Mother’s Day Flower stalls, four Chan Academy raffles, the 1000 Buddhas Sponsorship and our ongoing
Camberwell Market stall on Sundays.

Buddhist Monk Master Yi Sifu stayed at the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) Ltd for the purpose of a study
retreat and was looked after by members.

In March and April many people were involved in the grand task of moving into the new hall. The library, main
altar, Tibetan altar, Chan painting altar and calligraphy and other paintings were moved from the old hall
and library to their new location.

Melba Nielsen and June Young re-constructed our Padmasambhava image after its move into the new hall.

During the month of April, we farewelled three great masters; Members performed Puja Blessings and transference
of merit ceremonies for all. Calligraphy Master Shigyoko Kitaoji taught calligraphy to many of our Members.
Master Andre Sollier taught Sumie classes for 20 years at our Centre. Master Lin was great friend of our Teacher and gave many teachings to Members and Students. We also performed Puja blessing and transference of
merit for Sherab Dolme, the mother of Kentrul Rinpoche. Members attended memoriam services for Master
Sollier and Master Lin. Master Shigyoko's family had a private service. May we meet with great Dhamma
Masters again and again to learn the Dhamma.

On the 28 April many monks came for a Dana offering and gave their blessings of the John D. Hughes Dhamma Cetiya.
Another blessing ceremony for Versak was held on 2 May and was attended by Venerable Sangha Members and
Centre members.
A Semara Tantra course was held over two consecutive weekends in May.
Funds raised for the children at the Dhammarajika Buddhist Orphanage in Bangladesh in 2007 to date are $930.
Members attended teachings by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama during his Melbourne visit.
Tibetan Lama Dondrup Dorje visited in June and arrangements were made for him to conduct a two day course
during December 2007 at the centre.
The Our Centre was blessed by a visit from Lama Choedak Rinpoche. Members made and offered lunch and Lama
Choedak Rinpoche gave a blessing to the New Meditation Hall and Library. The new hall construction was completed on 1 September 2007.
Student of Master Andre Sollier, Jan Bennet will continue the linage of Sumi-e painting at our centre.
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Buddhism spans cultural groups such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Loation, Thai, Mongolian, Tibetan, Burmese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, to name but a few. Buddhism has a strong history in Victoria since the goldrush days in 1848 and continues today with unique representation of many cultural groups and traditions and forms practiced in Melbourne and around the state. The 2014 Vesak Observance will be presented with a balance of Commemoration and Celebration. We are honored again to have the support of the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Multicultural Commission, as well as the Victorian Buddhist Community.
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The book gives a short account of Buddhism in the last 2500 years. The foreword for the book was written by Dr. Radhakrishnan, world renowned philosopher. The book contains 16 chapters and about one hundred articles written by eminent Buddhist scholars from India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal. Buddhism is a way of life of purity in thinking speaking and acting. This book gives an account of Buddhism not only in India but also in other countries of the East. Detailed and insightful glimpse into the different schools and sects of Buddhism find a place in this book. Buddhist ideas on education and the prevailing state of Buddhism as revealed by their Chinese pilgrims who visited India during that times are other components of the book. Chapters on Buddhist art in India and abroad and places of Buddhist interest are also included to give it a holistic perspective. The spirit of Buddha comes alive in the book and enlightens the readers with his teaching so essential now for peac
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Soon after Buddha's death or parinirvana, five hundred monks met at the first council at Rajagrha, under the leadership of Kashyapa. Upali recited the monastic code (Vinaya) as he remembered it. Ananda, Buddha's cousin, friend, and favorite disciple -- and a man of prodigious memory! -- recited Buddha's lessons (the Sutras).
16/05/2012(Xem: 9339)
In an age of heightened tensions in Australia and around the world, the message of Buddhism has never been more necessary to bring peace to communities and spiritual refuge to individuals. The challenge is how to elucidate that message so that it speaks clearly in diverse voices to different people with disparate needs and to communicate it so that it cuts through an ever-increasing information clutter. As with other organisations, religious bodies are
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V. G. Nair, Buddhist-Mission-Visits-America-Before-Columbus-1979
18/07/2011(Xem: 4427)
Buddhism in America Before Columbus, Hui Shen was a Buddhist monk and missionary who lived during the latter half of the 5th Century AD to the early part of the 6th Century. From all indications he was born somewhere within the landlocked area adjacent to China which now days would be considered Afghanistan. Although not much is known of his early years it is known that he dedicated his life to Buddhism and spreading the word of Buddhism far and wide --- most notedly to America, known as Fu Sang in Chinese.
29/10/2010(Xem: 6446)
Like the youngteenagers who delight in doing things differently from their parents, new Buddhists innon-Asian countries seem to be going through their own proud adolescence by challengingthe boundaries of traditional Buddhism. Fortunately, for both our youngsters and WesternBuddhists, the arrogance of youth soon gives way to the mature, long years ofunderstanding and respect for tradition. It is in order to hasten this growing up ofBuddhism in Australia that I write this article on the meaning of 'Sangha' as it was meantto be understood by the Lord Buddha.
22/06/2010(Xem: 4643)
You're holding, in your hands, the book recording the activities leading to the 20th Anniversary of Quang Duc Monastery. This book was not launched immediately after the celebration of the 20th Anniversary, due to many Dharma task commitments. However, we are very happy to officially launch it today - on the occasion of the 15th Winter Retreat, for All Sangha of the Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation in Australia and New Zealand, to be held in Quang Duc Monastery from 1st to 11th July, 2014.
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May the Merit and virtue,accrued from this work, adorn the Buddhas pureland,
Repay the four great kindnesses above, andrelieve the suffering of those on the three paths below,
may those who see or hear of these efforts generates Bodhi Mind, spend their lives devoted to the Buddha Dharma,
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