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101 Zen Stories

15/02/201111:14(Xem: 5090)
101 Zen Stories

101 Zen Stories

(The Gateless Gate )



[1 -20]

1.  A Cup of Tea 
2.  Finding a Diamond on a Muddy Road 
3.  Is That So? 
4.  Obedience 
5.  If You Love, Love Openly 
6.  No Loving - Kindness 
7.  Annoucement 
8.  Great Waves 
9.  The Moon Cannot Be Stolen 
10.  The Last Poem of Hoshin 
11.  The Story of Shunkai 
12.  Happy Chinaman 
13.  A Buddha 
14.  Muddy Road 
15.  Shoan and His Mother 
16.  Not Far From Buddhahood 
17.  Stingy in Teaching 
18.  A Parable 
19.  The First Principle 
20.  A Mother's Advice


21.  The Sound of One Hand 
22.  My Heart Burns Like Fire 
23.  Eshun's Departure 
24.  Reciting Sutras 
25.  Three Days More 
26.  Trading Dialogue For Lodging 
27.  The Voice of Happiness 
28.  Open Your Own Treasure House 
29.  No Water, No Moon 
30.  Calling Card 
31.  Everything is Best 
32.  Inch Time Foot Gem 
33.  Mokusen's Hand 
34.  A Smile in His Lifetime 
35.  Every-Minute Zen 
36.  Flower Shower 
37.  Publishing the Sutras 
38.  Gisho's Work 
39.  Sleeping in the Daytime 
40.  In Dreamland


41.  Joshu's Zen 
42.  The Dead Man's Answer 
43.  Zen in a Beggar's Life 
44.  The Thief Who Became a Disciple
45.  Right and Wrong 
46.  How Grass and Trees Become Enlightened 
47.  The Stingy Artist 
48.  Accurate Proportion 
49.  Black-Nosed Buddha 
50.  Ryonen's Clear Realization 
51.  Sour Miso 
52.  Your Light May Go Out 
53.  The Giver Should Be Thankful 
54.  The Last Will and Testament 
55.  The Tea-Master and The Assassin
56.  The True Path 
57.  The Gates of Paradise 
58.  Arresting the Stone Buddha 
59.  Soldiers of Humanity 
60.  The Tunnel


61.  Gudo and the Emperor 
62.  In the Hands of Destiny 
63.  Killing 
64.  Kasan Sweat 
65.  The Subjugation of a Ghost 
66.  Children of His Majesty 
67.  What Are You Doing! What Are You Saying! 
68.  One Note of Zen 
69.  Eating the Blame 
70.  The Most Valuable Thing in the World 
71.  Learning to Be Silent 
72.  The Blockhead Lord 
73.  Ten Successors 
74.  True Reformation 
75.  Temper 
76.  The Stone Mind 
77.  No Attachment to Dust 
78.  Real Prosperity 
79.  Incense Burner 
80.  The Real Miracle


81.  Just Go to Sleep 
82.  Nothing Exists 
83.  No Work, No Food 
84.  True Friends 
85.  Time to Die 
86.  The Living Buddha and the Tubmaker 
87.  Three Kinds of Disciples 
88.  How to Write a Chinese Poem 
89.  Zen Dialogue 
90.  The Last Rap 
91.  The Taste of Banzo's Sword 
92.  Fire-Poker Zen 
93.  Storyteller's Zen 
94.  Midnight Excursion 
95.  A Letter to a Dying Man 
96.  A Drop of Water 
97.  Teaching the Ultimate 
98.  Non-Attachment 
99.  Tosui's Vinegar 
100.  The Silent Temple 
101.  Buddha's Zen


Contents  [1 -20]  [21-40]  [41-60]  [61-80]  [81-101]


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22/05/2018(Xem: 27267)
The Buddhist community is extremely upset by the inappropriate and disrespectful use of the image of Buddha, The Buddhist community is extremely upset by the inappropriate and disrespectful use of the image of Buddha, in a display at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) entitled the 'Eternity-Buddha in Nirvana, the Dying Gaul, Farnese Hercules, Night, Day, Sartyr and Bacchante, Funerary Genius, Achilles, Persian Soldier Fighting, Dancing Faun, Crouching Aphrodite, Narcisse Couché, Othryades the Spartan Dying, the Fall of Icarus, A River, Milo of Croton'. It can also be seen at: https://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/explore/collection/work/131149/ Although this display has been in place for some months, we have only just been made aware of its' existence. We are not usually outspoken, but this display desecrates the image of Buddha by placing images of these mythical images on him and in doing so, showing no apparent regard or respect for Him.
18/03/2015(Xem: 5529)
Chiêm bái Xá Lợi tại Docklands, Melbourne (27-29/3/2015)
25/10/2014(Xem: 3333)
As the first Vietnamese librarian and a respected storyteller in Minnesota, Phuoc Thi Minh Tran has shared her experiences and knowledge of Vietnamese culture at various events, storytelling programs, libraries, and schools throughout the state. In addition, she had dedicated her time to helping new immigrants transition into life in America. Within the Asian community, she is involved in various organizations. Phuoc Thi Minh Tran was recognized for her work bridging cultures and introducing the culture of Vietnam to the mainstream community. She is very proud to have her first book "Vietnamese Children's Favorite Folktales" published in 2015 by Tuttle Publishing.
10/10/2014(Xem: 3400)
People around Australia were treated to the rare sight of a blood-red lunar eclipse on Wednesday night, as the Moon passed through the Earth's shadow for an hour. Clouds proved to be a frustration for many people on the east coast, but the skies cleared for long enough to allow some stunning photos. It was a different story over central and Western Australia, where photographers were given a great view of the Blood Moon. From a partially obscured Moon to a blood-red total lunar eclipse, the spectacle offered an amazing insight into the mechanics of the solar system. Scroll down to see 10 of the best photos from ABC photographers and readers around Australia.
06/05/2014(Xem: 12419)
There was once the son of a Brahmin (the highest "priestly" caste in India) in the court of King Pasenadi of Kosala, whose name was Ahimsaka. He was sent to Taxila for his studies. Ahimsaka was intelligent and obedient to this teacher; therefore he was liked by both the teacher and his wife. This made the other pupils jealous of him. So they went to the teacher and falsely accused Ahimsaka of having an immoral relationship with the teacher’s wife. At first, he did not believe them, but after hearing it a number of
24/03/2014(Xem: 2879)
Gasan was sitting at the bedside of Tekisui three days before his teacher's passing. Tekisui had already chosen him as his successor. A temple recently had burned and Gasan was busy rebuilding the structure. Tekisui asked him: "What are you going to do when you get the temple rebuilt?" "When your sickness is over we want you to speak there," said Gasan. "Suppose I do not live until then?"
24/03/2014(Xem: 3601)
The emperor Goyozei was studying Zen under Gudo. He inquired: "In Zen this very mind is Buddha. Is this correct?" Gudo answered: "If I say yes, you will think that you understand without understanding. If I say no, I would be contradicting a fact which you may understand quite well."
24/03/2014(Xem: 3251)
Joshu began the study of Zen when he was sixty years old and continued until he was eighty, when he realized Zen. He taught from the age of eighty until he was one hundred and twenty. A student once asked him: "If I haven't anything in my mind, what shall I do?" Joshu replied: "Throw it out."
24/03/2014(Xem: 2726)
The master of Kennin temple was Mokurai, Silent Thunder. He had a little protégé named Toyo who was only twelve years old. Toyo saw the older disciples visit the master's room each morning and evening to receive instruction in sanzen or personal guidence in which they were given koans to stop mind-wandering.
24/03/2014(Xem: 2896)
Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen. Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor's cup full, and then kept on pouring. The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. "It is overfull. No more will go in!" "Like this cup," Nan-in said, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?" ^
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