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Letter to The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States

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Letter to The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States







June 6,2012


The Honorable Barack Obama

President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.N.W.

Washington D.C. 20500.


Subject: Proposed New Strategy to win the coming Pacific Rim Conflict:

Applying psychological warfare for the first time to the surprise of the world


My dear President Obama:


By now-you are certainly convinced that your staff was correct in suggesting a historic 20 minutes presidential phone call to the Lady-prisoner of conscience-of Burma.

It has been said that U.S.Presidential power-if used wisely-could bring more victories than what 10 Army Divisions invading Iraq could achieve with fire power. Former President Ronald Reagan used it at Berlin when he sent a strong message through the media: “Mr.Gorbachev: Tear down this Wall!” Mr.Gorbachev not only torn down the wall, he dis-banded the formidable Communist Party,leading to the breaking up of the Soviet Union.You can do the same thing to China during your watch.


Our U.S.Armies are now exhausted after 2 wars.Our National Guards have been committed with their families suffering because of our poor economy. The American people voted for you because we wanted to bring the troops home. We also wanted you to fix the economy.Voters gave you the credit for killing Osama bin Laden, for bringing the troops home, for ordering our Secretaries of Defense and State to get tough with China while getting more jobs to Americans in Asia.


North Vietnam legendary Red Napoleon had the solution for the same problem we are now facing, when he faced the mighty U.S.Forces in the 60s. Japan, South Korea are putting in practice the same solution now by sending their companies to invest in Vietnam,directed by their former Vietnam War Veterans achievers named Honda, Toyota etc…


Can you lift up our economy by sending our un-employed braves to Vietnam, make them millionaires like many Koreans of the former Tiger and Dragon Divisions did?

Asian countries needs our un-employed technicians to build their democracies while we could use their flight capital (estimated 2000 billion USD)brought to the United States by Asian corrupted dictators. 2 million newhomes could be sold to the newly rich millionaires Vietnamese fleeing to the United States. 2 million shopping centers could also be sold to Vietnamese billionaires officials trying to make a safe landing. These families of immigrants will introduce 10 million foreign students to pay much higher tuition to our University College system.


A new generation of U.S. educated professionals will have the opportunity to serve their native,former fatherland with American values. President Obama practically kills communist dictators with kindness without firing a shot.


With a stroke of your pen, the U.S. real estate surplus would be sold overnight.Small Business Administration would guide the economy up with millions of new companies at no time, only with your wise new directive attracting Vietnamese investors to consolidate the economy of US western states which are the home of Pacific Command.


This strategy needs no approval by Congress. Canada, France had been practicing it for a long time!


We need to live our dream,not just dream our dream. We need to have you and your staff continue the good works for another 4 years. How?


If the poll is too close to predict, then we need to ask Vice President Biden to please make a sacrifice to secure 4 more years by asking Secretary Clinton to accept his offer to be our next Vice President in your ticket.


This move sure makes sense, because the public trust Secretary Clinton.She will bring success.Everybody wins. So will VP Biden and Dr. Biden, his wife.

If you have questions, please call (408) 829-3594 at anytime, our Vietnamese English speaking staff will clarify with yours.






Most Rev. ThichGiacLuong

Leader World Itinerant Monks Congregation





Cc; Vice President Joe Biden

       Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

       Secretary of State Hillary R.Clinton

Admiral Commander Pacific Command, Hawaii.

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